The Finalized List

Here is my list of items, as well as which month I will be focusing on each one:

July- Spiritual (Both personal relationship with God and working on finding/continuing with a church)

August- Health (Both exercise and eating better)

September- Work (Being better planned and being more organized)

October- Marriage (A lot of this will be vague, as I am not one to open up much about what goes on between my husband and me)

November- Attitude (Inner dialogue and Gratitude)

December- Family (Keeping in touch and spending time with those nearby)

January- Finances (Keeping up with the budget– this is a broad enough subject that it will take all month to work on)

February- Friendships (Strengthening current friendships and cultivating new ones)

March- Housekeeping (Create a cleaning schedule and keeping up with it)

April- Stuff (Decluttering our apartment– another big subject that could take a month)

May- Hobbies (Making more time for hobbies and sharing hobbies with my friends)

June- Review! (See how I did for the year)

This is it! I am starting tomorrow (July 1st) and am working on my personal relationship with God. I have started up a bit the past week, but I will get more in depth of what I plan to do and how things are going. Wish me luck 🙂

I am going to try to include some photos as I continue on my journey so you can see what’s going on in my life. Hopefully I will have something interesting for you tomorrow!


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