So, I have wanted to become a teacher since I was in 4th grade. My 4th grade teacher was a 1st year teacher and was a lot of fun. (Let’s not focus on the fact that her first year was her only year, though). It was then that I thought teaching would be so much fun. I think part of it also stems from the fact that I am the youngest child. I never had younger siblings to follow me around or to whom I could teach things. Now, I have many young children who follow me around and to whom I teach (or try to teach) things.

One of the things I always thought would be great about teaching would be the grading. Boy, was I wrong! I feel like I am drowning in papers and red pens (which apparently I should not be using, but I digress). Since we have departmentalized I am now in charge of math journals for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. I am also in charge of science stuff as well. My fellow wonderful co-worker is in charge of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Language Arts grading. This would include spelling, reading worksheets, grammar, etc. Basically, it averages out to way too many things to grade per child. The one thing that my wonderful co-worker has as an advantage is that her grading is on paper. Now, let me explain… Her pages are mainly worksheet type pages. They are great and wonderful and she is doing an excellent job. The reason this is an advantage is simply because of weight. Now, if each student (there are about 40) has 3 things to do in her class, she ends up having about 120 papers to take home and grade. That’s a lot of stuff, but doesn’t weigh much. I, on the other hand, whether I assign 1 page or 3 per child, get the joy of hauling home math journals (think workbooks). 1 per child.. for the non-math people, that would be 40 workbooks. Basically, what I am trying to say is that my shoulders hurt, my back hurts, and I am about ready to throw away every math journal in the world because I am tired of looking at them. Grading is not as cool as my 4th grade self thought.

Anyway, enough with the complaining for the day. Here are some positives:

1. Along the lines of grading, I am caught up!! (Or as caught up as I can be). There are always those children who choose to work at a snail’s pace or who are constantly distracted by imaginary things and therefore do not get their work done. Those kids, I am not caught up on their grading (but they are not caught up on their math either). Everyone else, I am done grading the math journals (until tomorrow when I assign a new page) and the best part is that the grades have been entered into powerschool… think online grade book. Woo-hoo! Now, if I could figure out how to teach math without ever having them practice and then I wouldn’t have any grading. 🙂

2. BOGO- You know what that means… Buy One, Get One. Starbucks is running this great promotion starting today and ending Sunday. From 2-5 pm, you can buy one and get one free of their holiday drinks. My wonderful co-worker (the one from above) and I made a pit-stop and picked us up some yummy Starbucks on the way home. I tried the Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha and it was delicious! I definitely recommend it.

3. My apartment is relatively clean! Now, the fact that it is clean is a positive. The fact that I was the one who had to clean it up was not a positive. But, I am definitely happy that it is done. I can see my kitchen countertops without dishes covering them. My stove is nice and scrubbed (yes, scrubbed… I cleaned drip pans and everything). The living room area is clean. The only thing I didn’t do was vacuum and it was very hard not to, but the hubster was sleeping. I LOVE vacuuming! More important: I LOVE my vacuum! We have the Dyson Ball: Animal and besides the fact that it is yucky K-State purple, it is the most amazing thing in the world! It was a wedding present to myself 🙂 Maybe tomorrow I will get to realize the true joy that vacuum brings me.

I guess you will have to come back tomorrow to find out… Oh my life is one of danger and excitement, let me tell you.


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