It’s Beginning To….

Feel very close to the new year and new resolutions! If you are a resolutionist, there is no more exciting time than New Years. It is a time when everyone seems to share in your insanity. Everyone around you seems to be wanting to improve on this or that and make their resolutions. I have already started my list. Many of the things never change year to year, but this year there are a few new items.

For my typical New Year’s resolutions I split my life into different areas and try to find one thing (or many more) in that area to improve upon. For example one area I might work on is health. Under the heading of health I may have a resolution for exercise, eating, drinking more water, etc. Over the next week or so I will be looking back over my resolutions from last year to see what I did well and what I completely bombed on. Once I finalize my list I will begin a countdown of all my items. I know all my readers (all 2 of them– Hi Mom and Sis) are waiting anxiously to see my list.

What are some of your resolutions for next year? Have you started thinking about them or are you in denial?


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