Day 2

Today went well. Since I did so much yesterday, I just bummed around today and watched documentaries all day. The first one I watched was called Maxed Out. It was about America’s reliance on plastic credit. It was rather interesting. The next one I watched was called Wal-mart: The High Cost of Low Price. It made me not want to shop at Wal-mart ever again. It is not a place where I normally shop, but it does have low prices which very much appeal to me. There were some very eye-opening things that I was completely unaware of. The last one I watched was Paper Clips. I absolutely loved this one! It was about a middle school in TN and a Holocaust project that they did. Their project gained national and even international attention. It is definitely one I would recommend.

This afternoon/evening we went and visited my parents and Rose. We gave Rose her gift of sticks and she loved it! We dumped them on the ground outside and she was so excited she almost didn’t even know which one to grab and eat first. Yes, eat. She tears them apart and I am sure that she ingests more than I want to know. Overall, the present went over very well.

I completely meant to take my camera and take a picture of Rose so you could get a visual of the cutie, but I forgot. Instead, you are going to have to deal with a picture of Bandit for now. He lives at home with us and we believe he is part Pug, part Jack Russell. You can diagnose him however you want.

The other resolutions are going well, also. I don’t think I drank all my water today, but I did yesterday. I also took Bandit for a walk yesterday, but did not exercise today. My plan is to wake up early tomorrow and take him for a walk (we have a work-from-home day tomorrow, so I don’t have to actually go back to work until Tuesday.) Yay!

How did your second day of 2011 go?


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