Stir Crazy and the Blizzard of Oz

We survived parts 1 and 2 of the blizzard and are now entering part 3- enormously cold temps. The only thing I can think of whenever anyone mentions the word “blizzard” is a delicious ice cream treat from DQ. I am thinking that might have to happen tonight because I am going stir crazy! Today was day 2 of snow days in a row… Basically I had the weekend off, then half a day of teacher collaboration on Monday, then Tuesday was a snow day and today was a snow day. I am going crazy!

B was a hero tonight and ventured out to get a pizza for us. We usually try to eat out once a week, but this was actually the second time to eat out. We had Subway on Monday night. Needless to say, we will be eating in the for the next few days. He said the roads were fine, but school districts are calling off school for tomorrow (although we haven’t gotten our call, yet). Part of me wants another day because I am lazy, but another part of me knows that state assessments are just around the corner and my children aren’t ready for them at all. It’s a little unnerving.

If we do have a snow day tomorrow, these are my plans:
Work on Valentines
Clean (more)
Finish laundry
Grade (although I need to do that tonight)

I have started on a new book… Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. It is one I have read before and really enjoyed. I am going to go ahead and reread it. I rarely reread books, but this one has so many sticky notes hanging off the pages, I would like to go back and check them out again.

I hope everyone is surviving the blizzard… or enjoying one from DQ. I think I will be heading that way myself 🙂

Update: I did in fact have a delicious Reese’s blizzard from DQ and we got our call… no school tomorrow.


End of the Month Check-in

I am sure you all are wondering where I have been… Or not. Well, the last time I blogged (a little over a week ago) I had just started reading The Hunger Game trilogy. Let’s just say it has absorbed my life since then. I finally finished the last book and I loved every word of them. I have not read such a thrilling series before. Actually I am not one to take on reading a series at all. I prefer to stick to certain authors, but not necessarily read an entire series.

Needless to say, since I have devoted my life to reading these books, a lot of other things have fallen by the wayside. I am not caught up on grading, the apartment needs a bit of cleaning, and my dog acts like I have neglected it (no need to worry, he is snuggled up next to me as I type this).

Since life has moved on and another month has come, I thought I would do a check-in to see how my resolutions are going. Without further ado, here is my report card for the month of January:

Work out 3x a week (this can be taking the dog(s) for a walk, yoga DVD, etc.) – F
Drink at least 3 cups of water a day- D

Have at least $3000 in our regular savings account (we are starting out with about $1000) – A
Keep my checkbook balanced- A
Eat at home 5x a week (This could go in the health category, but we do it more for money reasons. When we eat at Mom and Dad’s on Wednesday nights, I am counting that, since we are not going out and buying our dinner.)- A

Create and keep up with a chore chart (This will involve my husband as well)- C

Complete the 365 52 week photo challenge (This will be featured on this blog and there will be more details to come)- C
Read at least 2 books a month- A+
Blog at least 4 times a week- C
Finish my wedding scrapbook- F

Go to church on a regular basis- D
Start and keep up with a prayer journal- D

Overall things could definitely be improved. I have pretty much abandoned the health resolutions and have not been paying much attention to them. Every day I resolve to wake up early and do a workout, but the bed is always too warm. (I guess I need to work on that whole self-discipline thing).

The financial resolutions are going great. We had a great January, financially, and were able to put more away into savings that we originally thought. I also created a new Excel spreadsheet to help me keep up with the checkbook and all of our purchases. If I calculated it correctly, we should be able to pay off all our credit card debt in about 13 months! I am super excited about that 🙂 Speaking of finances, B and I have decided to go ahead and rent for at least another year (not in our current apartment complex, though). We don’t quite think we are ready for the responsibilities of homeownership.

Our chore chart is going ok. I feel like I am keeping up with the majority of my chores (groceries, laundry, cooking) and B is doing pretty well with watering plants and feeding the dog. Our schedules make it hard for some chores to get done… vacuuming, cleaning floors, etc. Since B works nights, he sleeps during the day and I am vice versa. Since it seems as though someone is always sleeping, the vacuum doesn’t get used as it should. I also use the vacuum before I clean the hard floors, so we run into the problem with some of my chores as well. It’s only the first month, so hopefully things will work themselves out or else we will have to revisit this one.

Hobbies are going ok. Obviously I had no trouble reading books this month (especially with all the snow that has kept me inside). Because I have been reading so much, it has eaten into time that could have been spent doing other hobbies. I need to scrapbook some, but it is quite a pain to get everything out and then have to put it all back.

As far as taking pictures, I have been cooped up inside so much that I have run out of things to take pictures of. I don’t think anyone wants a years worth of Bandit pictures… although he is awfully cute. It has been bitterly cold outside (and we are currently having a blizzard) that I haven’t wanted to shoot anything outside, either. I need to work on this one for sure.

Spiritual resolutions could be better. I went to church last Sunday and it was the first Sunday of January that I made it to church. I also have my prayer journal, but struggle writing in it. I have started using it during my quiet time in the mornings, though, so it isn’t being completely abandoned.

So that’s a bit of a recap. Here’s to February and the hopes that my grades will improve by February 28th.