Hey! Remember Me?

Hello all! I am still alive and kickin’. Unfortunately the month of May has been more than I can handle. I have been absolutely swamped and I can’t say it is going to let up much.

The end of the school year has always been an exciting time. As a child I looked forward to the long evenings outside, the time with the family, the playing… As an older student I looked forward to having a summer job and making some money. As a college student I looked forward to going home and spending time back in Tennessee. Now, as a teacher I look forward to the long evenings outside (reading a book or walking the dog), the time with the family (especially since my parents have moved to Kansas), and the playing (scrapbooking and reading). It seems as though life has come full-circle.

This year I am not quite looking forward to the end of school. On Tuesday we will have our last day with students. Students will no longer attend our elementary school. They will go to one of two larger elementary schools in town. Our school has not be a fun whirlwind of activity at this point in the year. Instead our walls are slowing becoming empty, our rooms are filling up with boxes and packing the tape. The movies we watch aren’t because we need to get grading done and grade cards completed (although that is part of it). We watch them so the teachers can pack and inventory.

The end of this school year has been very bittersweet. I will have tissues with me during our last awards ceremony. I will hug my babies (students) a bit tighter when that last bell rings. I will be more reluctant to let them run with abandon into the long summer evenings.

After this weekend I will have a full day and a half left with my students. I will soak up every moment with them. They will drive me crazy with their anticipation of the summer. I will cry when they leave me. And I will comfort my teacher friends who will be shedding their tears next to me. It truly is the end of an era… an era that I have had the honor to be a part of for the past two years. I will always be a Vinland Tiger.

After 153 years we will be closed but not forgotten.