Feeling Crummy

Here is a picture of Bandit not feeling well because of allergies:

If you replace his head with my head, that’s about how I feel right now. I have been struggling with a cold/sinus infection. This week is already crazy busy with homework and school stuff, so I am hoping to feel better soon.

On a not so good note, my phone decided to not work today. I went to use it and it wouldn’t turn on. I plugged it in and it appeared to be charging and would turn on while it was plugged in. After a few minutes, though, it would turn off on it’s own and try to turn back on. Basically it would result in annoying beeps every few minutes. So, this means I will be stopping by the Sprint store tomorrow afternoon. My phone should be due for a free upgrade, so hopefully no money spent.

It’s going to be an insane week, so I can’t guarantee that I will be blogging everyday. I will be taking pictures, and just so you know tomorrow’s picture is not of a dog. 🙂


Two dog pictures… Deal with it

Lazy photographer alert!! Two dog pictures… and to let you in on a secret, there is another one coming your way tomorrow.

Today has been crazy busy. Not like rush around busy, but just working and not stopping busy. I woke up around 6:00 this morning even though I had the option of sleeping in. I got caught up on some DVRed tv, then Hubs came home. I had breakfast and got to work. I did a few loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen a bit, and then took a nap. (Don’t judge… I have lots of sleep to get caught up on).

Once I got up from my nap I got to work crunching numbers. I updated our August budget after putting it off for a few weeks. To be honest, August has been a good month to us. We have our emergency fund back up after having to empty it to pay for a tuition payment, and we are right on schedule with our regular expenses. I went ahead and completed our budget for September and October. We should be up to our ideal amount for the baby emergency fund by October, so we can pour more money into our debts. I am ready for that time to come. I also updated the sidebars!

After budgeting, I made lunch and took another nap… again, don’t judge. I work with 6 and 7 year-olds.

After my second short nap, I got to work on school stuff. I literally spent my entire afternoon and evening doing school stuff. I read a chapter from the most boring textbook ever (although this chapter was not as boring as the first one). The chapters in this textbook are about 30 pages a piece, so it’s not short reading. And the font is about a size 6. It’s ridiculous! I then wrote a response on a case study that was in the chapter. This took me from about 2:00 pm until 5:00. Not a small chunk of time.

After that, Hubs woke up and was kind enough to go get us dinner. (I think this whole being a college student is going to make me change our budget a bit… increase eating out and decrease groceries.) After eating dinner and taking a bit of a break, I got back to work. I read a chapter out of an exciting textbook, and wrote a response on our discussion board. Then I had to view a lesson online and write a response. Whew! I am tired just retyping all of that.

I still have about 4 things that I need to complete before next Sunday, so I am no where near done. This might also explain why you have to deal with two days worth of dog pictures. (And it will be 3 in a row after I blog tomorrow). I really hope to take a new type of picture tomorrow. One problem is that I have lost a lens cap. I don’t feel comfortable taking my camera places since I am missing a lens cap. I need to just bite the bullet and buy a new one.

Here are the pictures from the past two days…

Here is Miss Rose in a much too small bed. She has a big bed that is available to her at all times, but sometimes she prefers to curl up in Bandit’s small bed. She does not fit at all, but she will stay in there and eventually fall asleep.

Here is Bandit getting his medicine last night. I usually take the allergy pill and put it in peanut butter. Then Bandit eats the blob o’ pb complete with pill and wants to lick whatever peanut butter morsels there are on my fingers. He is making sure to get every last bit of peanut butter.

Well, I am off to bed. Tomorrow is going to be busy as well, but I don’t think I will be doing any homework… Mainly stuff for work.

I hope everyone is having a much more relaxing weekend than I am!

Sorry, no (new) picture…

Please excuse me while I blog after 2 daiquiris. Technically it was only one and a half. I did not finish my second one. They were definitely delicious though!

I am definitely happy it is Friday. A group of my coworkers and I went to On the Border this evening for a nice TGIF. We mainly talked about work (go figure), but we did talk about other good stuff… like my blog 🙂

Here is a list of my goals for this weekend:

Finish homework for Sunday

Clean house

Update sidebars



Go to school to plan

Get a headlight (one of mine is out)

Get started on homework for next week

Exercise 2x

I think that is all. Pretty much I will be home all day tomorrow and at school most of Sunday. Oh, and I will be sleep A LOT!! I need to catch up somehow.

On a random note, Rose just ran into the screen trying to get out on the deck. She then barked at it, like it was the screen’s fault. I opened the screen door and told her to go out, but she didn’t believe me. I finally walked out on the deck so she would realize it was safe. She did eventually go back out. Silly doggy.

I must apologize for the picture today. I did take some dog pictures yesterday, but they are still being held captive on my camera. I will release them tomorrow. 🙂 Instead, you get one of my favorites from earlier this year. It is from the cemetery where the majority of my paternal family is buried. I love this tree and the eerie feeling you get.

Now, I am going to start catching up on my sleep. I’ll be back tomorrow with new photos.

Another Day, Another Dollar

It’s almost Friday! That’s exciting! What’s even more exciting is that my coworkers and I are having a TGIF! Woo-hoo! (That’s a lot of exclamation points.)

Work has been going well, but homework and housework has not been going as well. I should have done some homework this evening, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I almost didn’t make dinner either, but I finally did. I also finally ran our dishwasher today. I had to eat off of a small plate with a dessert fork because we were so low on dishes.

One thing that we are having some issues with at home is our itchy dog. I think I mentioned in another post (but am too lazy to look back and check), but Bandit suffers severely with allergies. They are full-blown right now and he just scratches and rubs constantly. We have had him in a cone before, but I would rather not do that… He just looks so pathetic when he has to wear it. This evening Hubs slathered Bandit in some lotion. Hopefully it will give him some relief.

I am rambling a bit, but I am going to blame it on the Advil PM I took this evening. I have been waking up about 30 minutes to an hour before my alarm, so I am hoping it will help me sleep all night long.

Ok, now for my picture from yesterday…

This is one of my potted plants that has survived the extreme heat of the summer, and the crazy storms we had a few weeks back. It still has many beautiful blooms on it and looks fantastic!

Ok, enough typing. Time for bed!

Miscellaneous Ramblings

A list of randomness…

1. I don’t really have much to say today. School has been getting better (for me). I am getting more used to the first graders, and we are getting into a routine. I still come home absolutely exhausted, but in a relatively good mood.

2. I am still struggling a bit with my financial aid stuff. I went ahead and reduced it to what I thought I would need for the fall and spring semesters. It then lead me to a page that said I needed to finish my Master Promissory Note. I have already done this step… I even have an email confirming that I have done it and that it was to be sent to my school. I feel that this is out of my hands at this point and hopefully I will get what I need (since my next payment is due on September 1.)

3. I did some homework today for my Children with Mild Disabilities class. We had to look at a powerpoint of some photos from the Glore Psychiatric Museum. While looking at those, I was appalled that we used those items on people. It was disgusting! Pure torture. I then watched a video about IDEA, and it made me feel better about the steps we have taken to help children with disabilities get a good education.

I wrote a paper about these two items, and let’s just say that it’s been a while since I have written a college paper. I feel as though I have lost my finesse for writing. I haven’t turned in the paper, since it’s not due until Sunday, so hopefully I will have some time to fine tune it.

4. Now for my picture from yesterday. I thought I would share a picture of my favorite room in our house.

This is our upstairs “guest” bathroom. It is done out in penguins. We registered for these things when we got married, and luckily it was fulfilled for us. It is just so bright and cheerful. You can’t see it, but we have a soap dispenser and cup that matches the penguins. I love it, and I hope you enjoy it too. 🙂

Weekly Money Check-In

I feel like a lazy blogger and photographer. I know that I have a lot on my plate these days, but I still feel like I should be able to get in a picture a day (and not just of my dogs) and a little bit of writing. Yesterday, it did not happen (I did get a picture of my dogs, but no writing).

I got home from school, took a 20 minute nap, made dinner, read some of my text book, had dog class, and went to bed. I managed to snap some photos of the dogs last night (and the night before). I need to find some new subjects.

Some good news, though, is that I think my financial aid stuff is finally working itself out. Yesterday I received an email telling me to verify my enrollment. When I checked, it said I had been approved for 9 hours, but was just enrolled in 6. I emailed the people and they just had to change that little thing. When I checked today, it was all fixed.

I looked at my awards letter and they are ready to award me with ~$13,000 for the fall and spring semesters. Say what?!? When I did the math, I need just over $3,000 to cover my tuition. Um, I would rather not be in that much more debt. I emailed the people to make sure that I read that correctly and am waiting to hear back. From what I can understand, that big amount would include tuition, board, books, fees, etc. I just need financial aid for tuition and books. I have the ability to reduce or reject any loans that are presented to me. Once I hear back from the financial aid people, I will be able to reduce my loans so that I take out the littlest amount possible.

Yesterday should have been our weekly money check-up, but since I was busy yesterday, it is here today (courtesy of My Pretty Pennies) 🙂

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on our car loan. This is a monthly amount, but it is another hit to the debt… I really need to update the sidebars. Someday I will get on it. And someday I will stop rambling.

2. Today I am thankful for my dear, darling friend. One of my closest friends used to teach in a classroom that was next door and even connected to my room. This was fantastic because there was always an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, and a desk to hide behind (and yes this did happen before). This was bad because I did not use my plan time wisely… small price to pay. Now, my dearest friend works in a different building in our district, and I don’t get to see her often at all. Today, I stopped by after work and we spent almost an hour and a half just talking and catching up. It was definitely needed and needs to happen more often.

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was go to a park with my nephews and my sister. Before we went to the park we did buy cupcakes, so the entire outing wasn’t free. But the best part of the outing was sitting on the bench with my sister catching up and talking. The worst part of the outing was sitting on the bench with my sister and getting eaten by bugs.

4. I will consider this week a success if I blog each day for the rest of the week, get my homework all done, and take more interesting pictures than my dogs.

5. The best prank ever pulled on me was I really don’t know. I am sure my brother and sister pulled some pranks on my when I was younger, but nothing really sticks out in my mind. Unfortunately I am very gullible (I probably shouldn’t admit that), and I am a worrier. These two things should not go together, especially if anyone would want to pull a prank on me. Don’t get any ideas though.

And now for my lazy photographer pictures for the past two days:

Bandit has had bad allergies ever since we got him. He is in severe suffering stage right now. He scratches until he bleeds. Hubs put some lotion on him today, and we give him Benadryl twice a day. He still scratches like crazy. The nice thing about this is that we can rub his head or his tummy, and he just about melts. This is what happened here. Hubs had just gotten done scratching his head and Bandit slowly closed his eyes with his head still up and his snaggle tooth sticking out. Silly boy.

And from yesterday…I don’t get many action shots of the dogs. Bandit usually doesn’t like to play even though Rose is always looking for some fun. Here, Rose is checking out Bandit, and Bandit is trying to avoid. He just got done licking his lips or yawning… That’s why his tongue is hanging out just the tiniest bit. He doesn’t seem to happy to have Rose that close to him.

Have a great Wednesday! I hope to be back tomorrow 🙂

How Many Different Ways Can I Say I’m Exhausted?

I feel as though all I ever tell you guys is that I am exhausted. I guess that’s what happens when you get the summer off and then have to launch into work. This weekend was definitely not relaxing in one bit.

I did sleep in and took a nap on Saturday, but then I spent most of Saturday afternoon working on my Masters stuff. Today I have been going 100 mph all day. I am having trouble keeping my eyes open.

This is what I got accomplished today:

Cleaned upstairs (including kitchen, bathroom, guest room, living room)- vacuuming, picking up, doing dishes, dusting, scouring bathroom, scouring kitchen

Menu planned and grocery shopping

Dropped off recycling

Made dinner


Read half a chapter of the most boring textbook known to man

Planned my upcoming week for school

Scoured downstairs bathroom

When I sat down to dinner, it all just hit me. I was ready for bed, but I still had a few things on my list. Hubs was fantastic and took it upon himself to help me get those things knocked off my list. He vacuumed the entire downstairs, and cleaned the floors for me. It really helped me out a lot! While he did that, I was able to start my reading of the most boring textbook ever!

I still haven’t taken my picture for today, so you guys will probably get a lazy photographer picture tomorrow.

Here is the picture from yesterday. I found this little guy on my plant on the back deck. Hubs HATES these guys with a passion, but I think they are rather cool, and I actually enjoy the noise they make.

Well, I am off to find an easy subject for a picture, and then it’s bedtime for this girl!

It’s About to get Crazy

I survived the first week of first grade. Now we really start learning. I also start my Masters classes on Monday. I took a look at the syllabi for my two classes and it’s going to be a lot of work. One class has at least 2 assignments due each week. The other one has assignments due every week, along with more papers and a midterm. I am a little nervous about it all.

Classes don’t officially begin until Monday, but I went ahead and started on my assignments. I completed a couple easy assignments (introduce myself to the class via the online forum) and one actual assignment that included reading a chapter and answering questions. I am hoping that I will be able to juggle everything as the school year progresses.

I didn’t blog yesterday, so I owe you guys two photos 🙂 Here they are:

This is a sunset taken from our back deck. I love all the clouds! The night that this sunset took place, we had a massive storm. There were strong straight-line winds, heavy rain, etc. Some places had hail and lost power, but we didn’t get any of that.

Rose woke me up that night by barking like a crazy dog. I think she heard something knock down on the deck and that’s what she was barking at. Once I got her calmed down, she didn’t bark anymore. I did head out before the rain hit to move my car into the garage.

That morning I woke up and found one of my potted plants on the back deck had been blown over, and both of our lawn chairs were down and across the deck. Luckily that’s all that happened to our house. Some places saw huge trees uprooted and electricity was knocked out for at least a day or so. Not a fun storm.

This next picture explains why I did not blog yesterday:

That would be my alarm clock and the time that I went to bed yesterday. Yes, I went to bed before 7:00 pm. First grade can really exhaust someone. I also slept until about 6:15 this morning, and went back to bed for a good hour later in the morning. I feel better and hopefully after another day of rest tomorrow, I will be able to function better next week.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! I will be cleaning the house tomorrow, and then I have to do some planning for the upcoming week.

Prized Possession

Here is a picture of one of my most prized possessions:

This is a vintage star clock. It originally belonged to my grandparents, and when you look in some old Christmas photos, you can actually see it hanging on the wall in the background. Unfortunately this clock has seen better days. The paint on the face of the clock is peeling, and it currently doesn’t run (a new development within the past few months.)

I have thought about taking it to a clock-maker, but I don’t know if those people exist anymore. I have also thought of converting it to a battery operated clock, but I actually think the cord adds character.

Here is the story of how I came to own the clock:

About 10 years ago my grandpa was getting rid of things and getting ready to have a garage sale. We stopped by to see what he was getting rid of, and I fell in love with the clock. My parents thought it was the ugliest thing ever, so they told me I couldn’t have it.

Fast forward to that Christmas… We received a box from my aunt and uncle. On top of everything else packed in the box was the clock. I was so excited! (My parents, not so much.) I put the clock up on the wall above my bed while I lived at home with my parents, and then in my living room when I lived on my own.

Now, it resides in the guest room where no one can truly appreciate it’s beauty. You see, Hubs is not so fond of the clock. It makes me a wee-bit sad. Maybe if I fix it and get it converted to a battery clock, then we can move it into the living room. I hope that someday he learns to love it as much as I do.

Now, on a different subject… My fantastic sister-in-law sent me a great link to an article about my number one favorite animal. To read it, click here. One of the highlights of the article is that it says the capybara makes a good pet (although they may not be legal to own.) I would love to own one, and Hubs is ok with it. So, if you see one for sale, or running down the side of the road, feel free to pick it up and send it my way. Thanks 🙂

Hope you had a great Thursday! The weekend is just around the corner!

The Trifecta: 100th Post, Weekly Money Check-in, and a Snaggle-tooth

I thought it would feel different. I thought it would feel like a bigger milestone, but I still feel like the same lame blogger, just chugging along. 100 posts, and I really feel about the same as I did when I wrote #99. Oh well… On to better things:

I am exhausted yet again. I was at school from about 7:10 am until 5:00 pm. I came home and took about an hour and a half off and have been working on school stuff ever since (for about 2 hours.) I have one more thing to do, but it won’t take long at all.

I am hoping that with next week being a full, “regular” week, my schedule will become a bit more normal, and I won’t be doing as much at home either. I really hope that because my Masters courses start on Monday. It is going to be quite a lot to juggle in the next few months (or few years), so I better get prepared for it.

With everything that will be going on in my life, my posts may become a bit more sporadic. I would hope to at least continue posting every other day, while taking pictures every day. It may just be that my pictures continue to be of Rose and Bandit. With that warning, I apologize to my loyal followers. I hope to remain a staple in your lives.

I promised yesterday that I would have my weekly money check-in. Without further ado, here it is:

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on dog medication… I think. I know it is horrible that I don’t recall, nor do I have the energy to look on my online banking or my finance spreadsheet. Just go with it.

2. Today I am thankful for one of my student’s parents who has been helping me get stuff done this week. She comes into my room at least once a day to see if there is anything at all that she can help me with. She also brings ideas from the other first grade classroom and offers to help create anything that would help me implement the ideas. She is fantastic!

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was have lunch with my coworkers. We decided to brown-bag our lunches almost everyday to make it cheaper, and we met in a classroom and ate. It was a good chance to get together again since we are all spread out and in different buildings this year. PS… My coworkers are pretty much my second family.

4. I will consider this week a success if I survive first grade. I have survived the first two half days (and as much as it pains me to say this, I actually have enjoyed them), but the next two days are full-days, and one of the days includes a field trip to the pool. These days will be the real test.

5. If I had today off, as sad as it sounds, I probably would have gone in to work. I have so much to do and so much to think about for next week, that I don’t feel there are enough hours in the day. I am hoping to be able to stay away from school this weekend and just bring home everything I need to work on. Wish me luck.

Here is my picture from yesterday. Everyone loves a good snaggle tooth… even when it’s a bit blurry. I also love that this little guy has the ability to put one ear back and one ear forward. It makes it a little difficult to figure out how he is feeling.

He’s just the cutest 🙂