Wednesday Fun Day

It’s raining today! Don’t you love how I give weather updates in every post. I am sure you guys really care about it 🙂

Yesterday was my day to plan our Wednesday Fun Day. I had something planned originally, but I got on facebook and one of my friends had posted the schedule of events for our local county fair. One of the things was a FREE petting zoo! Um, how could I not go to a free petting zoo?

Now, I have never been to a fair before. My mom claims that we went to a fair when I was younger, but I don’t remember it, nor do there seem to be any pictures to back up that claim. So, in my mind, I have never been to a fair.

We got there, and of course it was blazing hot! We stopped in one of the air conditioned buildings to see a friend of mine who was working. Then we proceeded to the petting fair. It was so much fun! (By the way, Hubs and I love animals, so I knew this would be a good idea for our fun day.)

Here are the highlights:

This little guy was just chillaxin’. It was quite hot, so I am sure he was waiting for someone to take him back to Australia.

My family has had a longstanding joke about yaks, so I was quite excited to see these little guys.

Nobody bothered to put a sign up with this guy, so we really don’t know what he is.

This guy was the highlight of the petting zoo. Now, I have never seen a Patagonian Cavy before, but one little known fact about me is that my absolute, #1 favorite animal is the Capybara. What is a Capybara? It is the largest rodent in the world. I think it looks like a giant Guinea Pig. Here is where you can find some information on it. So, you can imagine my surprise to see that our little petting zoo housed the second largest rodent.)


These guys almost looked like rocks sitting on the ground.

This camel was quite friendly while I was shooting the pictures. He came very close. I think he thought I had some food for him, but I didn’t. He did let me pet him for quite a while.

Fainters. None of them fainted while we were there. We also did not try to get them to faint.

This was one that I had never heard of before, either. He was pretty docile (probably from the heat).

I think this was Hubs’s favorite animal there. This little guy stayed away from the railing, so we didn’t get to pet him.

This was one fat pig. He was zonked out like a champ.

The morning of the fair, they had the llama show. I absolutely love llamas, so I was thrilled that there were still a few hanging around the barn.

This llama’s name is Pooh Bear. Hubs thought that was quite cute, so I made sure to get a picture with the name tag.

Then the most amazing thing happened! We got to meet the Dalai Lama.

Ok, maybe we just got to meet Dalai the Llama, but it was still great fun!

I like his rainbow halter against his white and black fur. He’s so cute 🙂

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