Tough Week

Not only have I been sick this past week, but so has Bandit. Not just have we been sick this past week, but our finances have taken a bit of a hit this past week as well.

Here is a breakdown of the damage:

-$30 for my prescriptions

-$120 for new phones (we are expecting a $100 rebate, though)

-$120 for Bandit’s vet appointment and medicine

-$who knows for how much we ate out. I need to do the math, but I am scared to face it.

Overall, this week has sucked! I am feeling better, so hopefully next week will be better health-wise and money-wise. We ate out so much because I didn’t want to cook anything since I wasn’t feeling that well. I also know we will have a doctor’s bill for my doctor’s appointment and we haven’t even received the bill for when I sprained my ankle. It will be quite a hit when we get those.

Luckily, Hubs and I had a pretty serious talk this afternoon, and we are pretty much on the same page that we really need to kick our finances into high gear. No more eating out just because we want to. No more buying miscellaneous groceries that may not get used. More money being put towards debt ASAP. It feels so good to have him on my side with this stuff. We can do this!

And now for some pictures… But be forewarned, there are some very pathetic puppy pictures coming up. We seem to have gotten on top of Bandit’s allergies… He received a steroid shot, prescription antihistamine, and some special shampoo/lotion. He has been in a bit of a fog lately, but he isn’t scratching. We are lowering the dosage on his meds, (It says 1-2 pills twice a day) so hopefully he won’t be so tired. Poor little guy.

Pathetic Puppy Cone of Shame #1- Little guy had to figure out a new way to eat his food. We had to pull his dish away from the wall so he could get his cone around it to eat. He was pretty good at not smacking it on everything, although he would get stuck on the edge of the couch every once in a while.

Pathetic Puppy Cone of Shame #2- Don’t worry… even when the puppy cone is on, he can still bring out that snaggle tooth. Isn’t he so sad looking?

From the outside looking in- I decided to see what our living room looked like from the outside. It is a bit messy, but you can see Hubs checking his computer and Bandit wondering what in the world I am doing. You can also see that Bandit is now out of his puppy cone of shame. (PS… Please excuse the mess)

I saw this pretty flower back behind our house. I managed to get a nice shot of it as the sun was setting in the background. I did have to shoo a bug off of it when I first went to take the pictures, but he seemed to leave me alone.


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