I wish I could come back from a week-long hiatus and say I did something fabulous which kept me from blogging. But alas, I am back from a long week of work and homework. Nothing new in my life. I did continue to take my pictures, and work on keeping up with our budget.

So far we have had 3 no-spend days this week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). On Thursday I paid a few bills, and today I had dinner with a friend and brought Hubs some dinner home. I also bought a few things for my classroom: refill on Starbursts since first graders will do almost anything to get a Starburst, some certificates for $0.70 for a pack of 30, and new folders. I also bought some silver sharpies for my mom. She got her hard cast on, and the nurse told her that with a dark blue cast silver will show up the best.

The only other fun things happening in my life is it’s a birthday weekend! My nephew is turning 4 tomorrow and my brother is turning 31 on Sunday! Lots of celebrating.

Since I don’t have much to talk about today, (but look for a special blog post tomorrow or Sunday… It is dedicated to one of my loyal readers), here are my photos from this week.

Monday:This is a yummy smelling candle. It is an apple/cinnamon very-fall scented candle. It is just a Glade candle and I love that it will fill our house with a lovely smell. It makes me really get in the fall mood.

Miss Rose finally gets another picture up here. She looks scared to death, but do not worry… she had nothing to be scared of. Sometimes she just puts her ears back when she is listening to you. She is a silly pupper.

Here is the ever pitiful Bandit. His steroid shot is wearing off, and his itching is back. He is still on medication, but it is not cutting it. Tomorrow he will be getting a bath and will be covered in lotion.

Yesterday I took 20 minutes to indulge myself. I finally tweezed my eyebrows, and I don’t know about you, but I felt like a new woman. It was a desperate situation, but now my eyebrows look lovely.

Friday:My masters’ writing class wants pictures of lessons that I do. This picture is a bit boring, but my class and I were talking about adding details to our writing. At the first grade level they are still writing one sentence as a story. We are working on expanding that into more than one sentence. It was a good lesson, and I think the kids enjoyed it.

So, that is my week in pictures. Thanks for stopping by, and I will be back sometime this weekend.


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