Late Night Visitor

Tomorrow is going to be a very expensive day. As you all know, Bandit is back in the cone. His steroid shot has worn off and his itching is full force. Today when I came home from work he had super goopey eyes. It was a yellowish/greenish color, so I am worried he may have an infection of some sort. I cleaned them out (around 4) and by the time Hubs woke up at 6, he said they were goopey again.

I called the vet and they said to bring him in. They also said that Bandit and Rose are due for some vaccinations, so they will both be going in for that. No matter how we look at it, it is going to be super expensive. So much for having much extra wiggle room this month. Blah!

This evening we had a late night visitor come to our back door. We had the screen door closed and the light on because Rose was hanging out there a bit. And along came a praying mantis. I hope this one brings good luck too! That means double good luck!! Here is my picture of him (or her).

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday! One more day closer to Friday… Woo-hoo! Tomorrow is hump day, celebrate as you wish. 🙂


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