Classroom Stuff (and some flowers)

I posted my link on Facebook yesterday, and was a little confused at first when some of my friends liked it. I was wondering why they liked that I was $250 poorer… but then I thought back and realized that they were probably liking it because of the story about Rose. Sometimes I am a little slow to the party.

Today was another pretty good day. I had a lot of good contact with parents today. Any teacher will tell you that the parent aspect of teaching is one of the harder parts, if not the hardest part. I have been trying to be very proactive this year with the parents, and I feel like it is making a big difference. I also feel that now I am closer to their age, so they are seeing me as a peer instead of a new baby-teacher.

I stayed after school for about an hour to get my desk cleaned off. It had been swallowing me with papers, books, and other miscellaneous items. I rearranged some of my desk drawers and was able to clean off my desktop as well as some of the counter space behind me. And no, I did not just shove everything into my desk drawers.

I have been struggling with the organization of my classroom, and it hasn’t gotten much better. I am happy that my desk is cleaned off, but for some reason I just do not feel organized. It’s also tough because I know I am going to have to move classrooms yet again next year. Even if I decide to stay with first grade, I will have to move rooms. It’s a long and money-driven story, so I will spare you the details. If you really want the details, let me know and I can email them to you. One of the bad parts of moving is that if I do stay in first grade, I may end up in a bright yellow room. I am in orange now which is not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but the yellow in our school is blinding. Yuck!

Luckily I did take a photo yesterday of the most important thing on my desk (according to my students)…
I am not above bribing rewarding my students for working hard and doing things they should. They stare longingly at that jar of Starbursts, and I am sure that their mouths just water with the thought of eating one.

The one thing I have been shocked about is that no one has complained about them yet. Last year I had it full of Skittles, but I had a couple students tell me that they didn’t like Skittles. I told them that’s too bad, because I was not going to buy a buffet of candy for them. I also haven’t had anyone complain about the color they have received. It has been very nice.

My picture from today is just another flower picture. These little white flowers have bloomed outside of our house. I love their lacy look and how little they are. So pretty…

Well, I will leave you with this gem of information… Tomorrow is Friday! Woo-hoo!


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