Weekend Recap

Hello my lovely readers! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful fall weekend. I have been enjoying the cooler weather by keeping most windows open. I am hoping this saves some moolah on the energy bills.

Friday was a blast! A friend had a goddess party to celebrate the beginning of fall. It was so much fun! Even though I work with most of the people who were there, I still view them as good friends and love spending time with them outside of work. Here is a peek at some of the amazing food the hostess had for us.I can’t tell you exactly what they are, but it has goat cheese and portabella mushrooms on top. I did not partake in any of these because of what I just told you they were made of, but I thought the presentation was beautiful! My favorite item was the guacamole and chips. I never liked guacamole much (or I thought I didn’t like it), but the past few times I have tried it, I can’t get enough. Yumm-o!

Yesterday I spent my day cleaning and doing homework. I did take a nap in there and went to the grocery store, also. I was so busy that I didn’t get around to taking a picture until 11:00 pm. (Yes, I was up until then… mainly working on homework). At that time of night, there really isn’t much to take pictures of besides a puppy. Here is Miss Rose wondering why I we are not already tucked in bed, snuggling under the covers.

This morning is yet another beautiful fall day. We woke up, got some breakfast and went outside for a bit. The sun is shining, the sky is cloudless and blue, and the air is just nice and cool. I wanted to capture the last of the pretty white flowers this morning. I am planning on taking Rose on a walk as soon as I am finished blogging. She loves the cooler air, and I need to get into a walking routine before it is too cold, and I have too many excuses.

I hope you all are enjoying your fall weekend! If it’s pretty and sunny, get out there and enjoy it!


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