Bad Photographer, but Good Photos

What a week! I am sure you guys thought I had dropped off the face of the Earth. Well, it’s time to relax, because I am still here. I know you all are breathing a big sigh of relief.

In the craziness that has been this week, I did not take a photo yesterday. I thought about taking a few today and passing one off as having been taken yesterday, but I would rather be honest with my readers. I had thought about taking one at different times, but did not get around to it. The first two pictures are nothing to write home about, but I actually put in some effort into today’s photo shoot.

First picture: Mister Cone-head. We tried the weekend without the cone and that went less than swimmingly. Bandit scratched and rubbed until his little heart was content. Then we put him back in the cone. He was not too happy about this.

Second picture: Miss Rose. Because the weather has been amazing we have been spending a lot of our evenings with our sliding glass door open. This allows the dogs to go in and out freely, and they spend quite a bit of time on the deck. Here is a shot of Miss Rose after I whistled at her to get her attention.

Third (and additional) picture(s): I went on a butterfly hunt today. When I was taking the dogs out this afternoon, I noticed a lot of really pretty butterflies hanging around the tall grass. I grabbed my camera and headed out. The picture for my photo of the day is my favorite. A beautiful monarch hanging out on a branch. The other three are miscellaneous butterfly photos. I hope this makes up for the fact that I missed taking a photo yesterday.

Little brown and orange guy almost blends in and looks like a dead flower.
The first butterfly I went chasing. Pretty yellow girl.

Same pretty yellow girl. Action shot as she landed on a flower. So pretty!
Just so you are aware, I really do not know how to tell if a butterfly is a boy or a girl. I just say what I think.

I hope you enjoyed the pretty pictures for today. I will promise to continue my attempt at 366 365 364 photos.


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