Mid Week Catch Up

Hello bloggy friends!

I hope everyone has had a productive week. I took yesterday off in order to get this house clean. I was able to scrub and clean the downstairs, and boy did it need it. I have never been so happy to clean as I was yesterday. It was getting so bad that the stairs were starting to turn black because of the Rose hair that was caked on them. But no more! They are nice and clean!

Here is a little sampling of what I did. We have a storage closet under our stairs and we keep luggage, coats, and other miscellaneous items in there. We have a 3 drawer storage thing (I don’t know what to call it) with random things in it. (I am sure that I just broke some writer’s rule by using the word “thing” two times in the same sentence.) The top drawer is extra baggies, saran wrap, etc. The middle drawer was pretty much a wreck. It has batteries, tools, wires, and whatnot in it. The bottom drawer is the dog drawer. It has their shampoo, spray, medicines, and Bandit’s sweater in it.

Here is a before and after of the middle drawer. I am very happy with it.



I am hoping that I will get the upstairs spic and span in the next week or so. I am bound and determined to keep on top of things and get everything done. I have found that if I make small to-do lists, I can get more done.

For example today during my plan time I had the following list to get done:
1. Check off and grade 2 days of math homework
2. Clean at least 1 desk drawer
3. Prepare 3 calendar charts

I managed to get the first two done and I got one calendar chart prepped. The calendar charts took longer than I expected. I was happy though to get everything else done, and I was proud of myself. Normally I would make a huge to-do list and then get discouraged when I don’t get much done. I am hoping to break that habit.

And on to the fun picture from today. Here is my little Bandit who is sure that every pillow and blanket in the house is meant for him.

I hope he was able to make you smile. He makes me smile all the time.


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