Today has been an emotional day.

6 years ago my friends and I lost a dear friend in an apartment fire. The fire burned down her entire building, and 3 people lost their lives. I have tried to make sure that those people in my life know that I love them dearly. You never know what the future holds.

My picture from yesterday does not hold much emotional weight. It is Bandit back in his cone. I think he looks very forlorn and lonely. (and cute.)

The next series of photos hold a special place in my heart. I returned to my former school and walked around the outside taking photos of what fall looks like there. Here is what I came up with:

I chose this picture as my official photo of the day because I love the tangle of the branches against the structure of the wire. It reminds us that life has many bends and knots, but that through it all, we continue to grow.

I hope everyone has a good weekend, and make sure to let your loved ones know what they mean to you.


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