Saturday Shopping Spree

Yes, you read that correctly. I went on a shopping spree today. You are probably thinking to yourself that I am trying to pay down our debt and save money in our emergency fund. How could I afford to go on a shopping spree.

Well, since you all are my friends, I am here to confess to my spending madness today.

My mom and I first stopped at Starbucks to get a coffee and get ready for our shopping excursion. I treated my mom to a chai latte since she never gets to get Starbucks… Amount spent at Starbucks $7.08 for two tall drinks.

We then made our way to the local farmer’s market where we went crazy. We each bought ourselves a basil plant. Since I normally buy basil each week and end up spending $2.50 on a little amount of basil that I end up only using 2 leaves from, I figured it was time to bite the bullet and buy a basil plant. Damage $2.00 for the plant… that’s even cheaper than what I pay for a little amount at the grocery store.

Then since I treated mom to a coffee, we decided to split a homemade cinnamon roll. She wanted to treat me, so I got half of a huge cinnamon roll for free. Score!

Then we continued on our spending spree and went garage sale-ing. Mom had the paper with her and chose the first sale. It was the most amazing garage sale I had ever seen! Antiques, tons of furniture, tons of beautiful dishes. The most lovely things. Apparently this lady puts on a “creative” garage sale twice a year. Mom and I will now start going each time. Here is where mom put a dent in her spending money. She has been wanting a small chair for her bedroom and found a beautiful antique rocking chair in fairly good shape. She shelled out $35 for the beauty.

This is also the place that I found my treasure. The goal of shopping today was for me to find a chair to use for photo sessions. Well, I found it! It is an antique sewing chair. It is small enough for children to fit in and has a low back so they can turn and still see over it. I searched high and low for a price tag but couldn’t find one. Uh-oh… I didn’t know what I was going to get into. I found the owner of the chair and asked for the price. She said, oh it’s an old sewing chair, why don’t you just take it and do something nice with it! What?!?! Was she serious? I asked if she was sure, and she said yes. She had imagined painting it pink, but never got around to it, so she said it was up to me to do something with it. Music to my ears!

Damage to my wallet at this place: $0.00. (Although I could have spent hundreds there). I was super happy with my little sewing chair, and Mom and I were happy that her rocking chair fit into my small car.

Off to the next few garage sales. The next garage sale I was able to find something for my classroom. I found big floor puzzles and got 3 of them. One was listed at $3, one at $2, and one at $1. I asked the lady if I could get all 3 of them for $5 and she said sure.
Damage to my wallet: $5.

We trolled a few more garage sales, but didn’t find anything we wanted. We decided to leave the city and head our separate ways home.

On the way home, I remembered that Mom had said she wanted pumpkins but didn’t want to make me haul them from the farmer’s market to the car (remember, she has a broken arm so I get to do all the heavy lifting). On the drive home, I remembered a small, local vegetable and fruit stand. I managed to motion to Mom in the car behind me to turn and go to the stand with me. We both bought 3 pumpkins. Damage to Mom’s wallet: $7.75 and damage to my wallet: $6.80. Not too shabby!

When I got home, I decided to put my pumpkins on the front porch to spruce things up a bit. I couldn’t get them to look right, so I brought out my free chair and set them up on and around that. Perfect! Now, the chair won’t stay there forever. It will eventually get sanded and get a paint job.

Here is the chair and pumpkins right now… PS I love them!!

Final receipt for the shopping spree:
Coffee for Mom and I: $7.08
Basil Plant: $2.00
1/2 a cinnamon roll: $0.00
Antique sewing chair: $0.00
3 floor puzzles: $5.00
3 locally grown pumpkins: $6.80

Total: $20.88

The most expensive item was the coffee. I find that a little humorous. I am super happy and am having no buyer’s remorse at all. 🙂 I hope you have a happy and frugal Saturday!


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