No Picture Post

I am back with words, but no pretty pictures. The pictures I have taken are still living on my camera, and I haven’t released them yet. They will be coming this weekend.

I just wanted to give you a little update into my life:

*We have some big expenses coming up in the next few months, so I have to go back over our budget and see what I can get sorted out. I think we will be lowering the amounts in some categories, and I hope that we can go ahead and cut the cord and get rid of our Directv.
*We have been doing a very bad job at eating out… meaning we have been eating out way too much. Last Saturday I decided that we needed to go at least a full week without eating out/spending money. We will do it! We have not eaten out at all this week. Tomorrow night we are going to my parents’ house to have pizza with them. We will have made it all week! Woo-hoo!
*Couponing- I have been couponing, and the most I have saved was about 35% on one trip. I am trying to get better at lining up sales and coupons.
*Extra Income- I have been making some pretty good extra income with my photography business. I had three shoots earlier this month. One was won from a silent auction, so I did not receive any money for that one. The other two I received my regular payment. I actually have another shoot this weekend. I also have one session set for November and some engagement pictures coming. Overall I should be making about $350 extra. I also put some things up on eBay and those auctions are coming to a close in a couple days. So far it is up to almost $25. Not much, but I am not complaining.

*I still haven’t gotten to the point that I feel on top of my work. I have had a few weekends where I haven’t been up to school, but those weeks I feel behind.
*I have been trying to get more creative in my teaching. I am tired of teaching straight out of the books and giving worksheet after worksheet. I am trying to add a bit more pizzazz to things and I think my students enjoy it and appreciate it.

*Can we just skip this one?
*I have been terrible about working out. I have been so tired when I get home from work that the last thing I want to do it go for a walk or jog. I figure I walk so much at school I should be fine. I do know I need to get on the ball and do a better job at this.
*I have been doing ok about eating a fruit each lunch time. I have a great lunch time friend who keeps me on top of things. She makes sure I have my fruit every day. I am not so good on the weekend, so I need to be more accountable to myself on the weekends.

I think that’s about all I need to catch-up on for now. I know I made some October goals and I will be revisiting those over the weekend. I have a feeling I did not do well… mainly because I can barely remember the goals. Not a good sign.

I will also be back with pictures!


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