Six Thing Sunday: Sick Edition

So, I’m sick. It wouldn’t be a holiday weekend without me catching something. I am in the middle of a full-blown sinus infection. I was up for about 2 hours last night and may or may not have had a breakdown because I couldn’t sleep. My nose does not seem to want me to use both nostrils at the same time. It is rather annoying.

On the flip side, we are home from our holiday trip and back together with the dogs. They have not done much but sleep since we got home. I think they are completely worn out from being at my parents’ house with two other dogs. I definitely don’t mind the snuggles while I am sick.

Today for my six thing Sunday list I am going to list six TV shows that the hubs and/or I watch. Since getting rid of Directv, we have a show schedule that we actually have to keep up with since we can’t record shows anymore. (Although all of these shows can be seen online if we do miss one.)

1. Gray’s Anatomy- I watch this on my own, and I usually watch it on my computer the next day. I love it and have watched every episode since the pilot. It gets a bit ridiculous at times, but I still enjoy this guilty pleasure.

2. The Sing Off- Hubs and I watch this together. He is much more musically inclined than I am, so he hears things better than I do. I just enjoy this for the entertainment factor.

3. The Office- The first time I saw the pilot for this show, I thought it was terrible. I did not watch it until Hubs and I happened to be at his brother’s house, and they were watching the DVDs. We got hooked and have enjoyed it since.

4. Whitney- This is a new sitcom that we enjoy quite a bit. It is a little goofy, but we find ourselves laughing each episode.

5. Up All Night- We just started watching this recently. It is a cute sitcom. Nothing ground-breaking, but entertainment nonetheless.

6. Man Up- We saw our first episode of this over the weekend, and it was hilarious! This will now be in the weekly rotation.

We used to watch a lot of other shows, but we have it narrowed down and have our weekly schedule figured out. I find that I watch a whole lot less TV without Directv, which is definitely one of things I wanted by getting rid of it.

Do you have any favorite shows that you can’t bear to miss?


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