Merry Christmas

A little known fact about me is that I used to write a lot of poetry in high school. I have many poems that I keep on my computer and rarely share with others. Here is one that I wrote while I was a freshman in high school. Enjoy.

The Birth of Christ

An angel came to Mary’s home

And told her the news,

She was to bear the holy child,

The king of all the Jews.

She didn’t know what to believe,

She only wondered how,

Not yet married, and still a virgin,

She didn’t know how this could happen now.

When Joseph heard, he was quite mad,

But then the an angel spoke,

The child was sent by God himself,

And Joseph then awoke.

It was only a dream that he had dreamt,

About the angel that came,

He was to love Mary again,

And she wasn’t the one to blame.

Then one day they had to leave,

And go to Bethlehem,

Mary was still pregnant,

With Jesus, the tiny gem.

Once the two had finally arrived,

There was no room to stay.

All they could find that very night,

Was a barn where they didn’t have to pay.

Mary gave birth that very night,

To a special holy child,

One so tiny and so sweet,

One so meek and mild.

To this day we still celebrate,

The birth of Christ our father,

Because of Him, we can live,

Without a care or bother.


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