Welcome 2012

We made it to 2012! Woo-hoo!

I have a few things to update here. Earlier this week I told you about a roadblock in our attempts to save money. I had to drop quite a bit of money on my car to keep it working properly. Well, the universe felt bad for me, and we were surprised with some good news.

Since my miscarriage about a month ago, we knew that we needed to prepare for some major bills. We would have the ER, the OB/GYN office, the Surgery Center, and the anesthesiologist bills. We had been paying toward our deductible through a program the OB/GYN office has, so we had already adjusted our budget to pay $300 a month for that. With Hubs’ and my raises I adjusted our budget again so we could add an extra $50 a month for that, so we could ultimately put $350 toward medical bills each month for as long as possible.

Well, I received the first bill on Friday: the ER bill. I had butterflies in my tummy as I opened it, but my butterflies flittered away when I saw how much we had to pay. I guess we made it to our deductible, and we only owe $90 for the ER bill! Is that not amazing?!? We were so relieved when we saw that! We can handle that, no problem.

So, in one week we were hit in the gut with the big car bill, but then relieved by the small ER bill. It is amazing how things work out.

Now on to today. I spent all day… literally about 8 hours… scrubbing my house from top to bottom. Hubs helped out with some random chores, but I did the majority of the deep cleaning. I have to say that I feel so much better having a nice, clean home to start 2012 in. Also, one of my resolutions is to create a cleaning schedule, and it will be much easier to make it and stick to it since I am starting with a clean home.

As far as my No-Spend January/February, today was a no-spend day! Even after cleaning all day, I managed to make a home cooked meal instead of just saying I was too tired and going out to eat. That means we have had 1 out of 10 no spend days!

I think I may jump back on the 365 (actually 366 this year) photo challenge. I have a photo challenge calendar that gives themes for each week to help you come up with ideas of what to shoot. This week’s theme is “newness.” Keeping this theme in mind, I took a picture of our “new” guest room. This room used to be a catch-all/scrapbooking/guest room. It is now solely a guest room, and hopefully will become our nursery in the future. It is finally rid of all unnecessary items and all of my scrapbooking stuff. Here are some photos:

This photo was taken standing in the doorway. The bed is actually a futon that isn’t overly comfortable, but it works. You may notice the brown and white pup in the kennel. He was in there because he was trying to hide from us and scratch. He is super itchy and gets in trouble for scratching because he will scratch until he bleeds. I went in to take photos, and caught him off guard.

This photo was taken standing in the far corner of the room. The shelves are just housing some miscellaneous photos that will probably someday be scrapbooked. The double doors are the closet, which is pretty much EMPTY! The vacuum is currently stored in there, along with some board games, and all of the baby stuff and maternity stuff that I had collected so far. If this photo extended to the right more, you would see Bandit’s kennel by the bed. If it extended to the left more, you would see the doorway.

This is a photo taken from in front of the closet. The box on the floor is donation stuff, and all the things on top of the little shelf is Christmas stuff that will go to my parents’ house to store. The impressive part of this photo is that all of those fabric bins in the shelves are EMPTY! They are ready to be filled with toys, diapers, and all other baby things when the time arises.

So there are some photos of our new, clean guest room!

How was your first day of resolutions? You still going at 100%?


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