I have been a grump today. I don’t know why, but I have not been a pleasant person to be around today. Hubs was being very nice and agreeing with everything I was saying this evening… although I know he was being silly at the same time. He always knows how to make me feel better.

I have a couple updates for you all today.

As far as the No-Spend Challenge, I had a spending day today. Last night our stand fan died. We have an overhead fan in our bedroom, but also a floor fan that we keep on, mainly for the noise factor. Well, we got ready for bed and went to turn it on and nothing happened. I checked the outlet and even tried again tonight, but the fan is dead. So sad. We did not like how quiet the room was last night, so I had every intention of buying one today.

I also needed to get Rose some dog food (Stay with me, this will all come together in the next paragraph). We are out of cash in the puppy envelope (due to buying Meds and having nails clipped this month) so I had to use the debit card and get it from somewhere else. Since it wasn’t something that would last until the next puppy-cash installment in February, I knew I had to buy it. I had a $5 off coupon for two 11-lb or more bags of her dog food at Target. I normally don’t get dog food there, but since I had the coupon, I went.

Well, if you are looking for a fan, it is not the season. I went to 3 places and no where had one. But if you are looking for Beneful dog food, I would head to Target! (See everything came together). The dog food was on sale for $14.19 instead of $14.99. I know that isn’t much of a savings, but in addition to the sale, they also had a deal where if you bought a bag of food, you got a Beneful prepared meal for free! So, after I got two bags of food and two Beneful prepared meals I only spent $25.45! We now have enough food for Rose for at least another month! And the pups get to try a yummy treat at some point. Not too shabby!

Besides that spending, Hubs had to fill up his car. I do have to say that I was quite tempted to go out to eat this evening because of my mood, but we decided not to. Instead we just had a frozen pizza and enjoyed some cookies. They weren’t fancy cookies, just some refrigerated Pillsbury dough, but delicious still.

Here is a shot of our cookies tonight:

Yummy cookies!

How are your resolutions going? Mine are still going well! I wanted to take the pups for a walk today, but after going to 3 stores just to fail at buying a fan, it was getting too dark for me to go. Hopefully I will make it out on a walk with them tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Grouchy…

  1. I hate when you need something & it's not on sale anywhere! lol! We're going out tomorrow, hoping to find hubby a pair of boots, with any luck we'll find a sale! Great buys on the dog food though! That stuff can really add up!

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