No No-Spend

I really dislike unexpected spending. Yesterday and today were supposed to be no-spend days, but a couple things came up that changed that.

Yesterday I made dinner at home. We tried some chicken that we got from Omaha steaks, and I made some snow peas and rice. Let’s just say that the snow peas and rice were eaten. The chicken we tried was Sesame Chicken. It wasn’t terrible, but the marinade was super strong. We have had other chicken from Omaha steaks, and they were really good. These were just not our thing. Because we were still hungry we chose to go to Dairy Queen to supplement our dinner. We spent about $11.00 on dinner. I guess we could have just eaten cereal or something else we had here, but we were both hungry and just wanted something to eat.

Today I was working on making dinner again, (maybe all of these things are a sign telling me not to make dinner anymore) and I had started the grill to grill out some steaks. (It was mid-60s here today, which is completely unlike our weather.) I went to check on the grill and scrape it off and the flame was out. We had run out of propane. I had to make a quick run to exchange tanks. Another $20 spent. Yuck!

So, my no-spend days are not going so well this week. On the other hand, though, my exercise has been going great! I have already exercised 3 times this week. The first time I took a walk was on Monday and I took Rose. Then yesterday and today I took both dogs. They enjoyed it and definitely needed it. I am convinced that if I come home and don’t sit down, and just get ready to walk, then I am more likely to go walking. If I sit down to relax or do anything, then it’s not going to happen.

I also have kept up with taking a picture each day, and both pictures have to do with my resolutions.

This photo is one of the printables that I have in my home binder that I am working on. It is from the blog IHeartOrganizing. I have to say that I LOVE that blog! It’s fantastic. This page is just my weekly schedule. I will start filling one out every Saturday. I didn’t fill this one out until Sunday, so I didn’t bother filling out Sunday.

This photo shows Bandit after our walk. He is older than Rose and is a chunky monkey, so he wears out quickly. He was relaxing on the deck after we had gotten home.

I hope your resolutions are still sticking after 5 days! Let me know how you are doing!


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