Busy Weekend

Why does it seem that weekends are never long enough? Sunday night always shows up, and I never feel like I have accomplished everything I wanted to. I even stayed pretty busy and got some things finished, but not everything that I wanted.

Here are some things that I did get done this weekend:
*Spent some time with my mom
*Took Christmas decorations over to parents’ house
*Took pups on a walk with Hubs and my mom and her dog
*Did laundry
*Did dishes
*Lesson planned and got ready for the week
*Updated my weekly schedule in my home binder
*Grocery shopping
*Menu planned
*Watched 3 movies with Hubs

Things I did not get accomplished:
*Cleaning bathrooms
*No-spend days
*Cooking dinner each night
*Taking pictures

I am definitely looking forward to next weekend. I have a fun scrapbooking night that my sister and I are going to, and I get Monday off! That means that I will have a longer weekend 🙂

I am working on tracking all my spending and logging my finances each night. Here is my weekly spending update:

January 1:
No Spend Day!

January 2:
Dillons (groceries)- $58.44

January 3:
Target (dog food)- $25.45
Kwik Shop (Hubs fuel)- $35.57

January 4:
Dairy Queen (dinner)- $11.13

January 5:
Kwik Shop (propane tank)- $21.65

January 6:
Utilities- $104.42

January 7:
No Spend Day!

January 8:
Dillons (weekly groceries)- $74.67
C&S Market (OJ for a sickly Hubs)- $3.25
Pizza Hut- $22.95 (This one I am most embarrassed about… I had no reason not to cook besides being lazy.)

I already know that tomorrow will not be a No-Spend day. I have a few bills set up to pay tomorrow. Hubs and I both have to fill up our cars at some point this week, so depending on how things happen, I don’t know how the No-Spend days will go.

Hubs got paid on Thursday, and this was his first direct deposit from his new job. The paycheck was more than his old job, but he had a day off (the Monday after Christmas), so it didn’t accurately tell us how much his normal paychecks will be. We won’t get a full paycheck until February because he will have a day off for each pay period of January (Monday after New Years, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day).

We also got a $10.00 rebate that I put in for about a month ago! The newspaper had a rebate form for Cars 2 and Bandaid items. If you bought Cars 2 and $10 worth of Bandaid and/or Neosporin items, you could get a $10 rebate. I was already planning on buying Cars 2 for our nephews for Christmas, so it was win-win! (And bandaids do not go bad, so I don’t mind stocking up).

So there ya have it… a rambling of updates from me. Any updates from you? How are finances and resolutions going?


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