Made it Through Monday

Mondays are always exhausting. Getting back into the routine at school always takes a little bit more work after a relaxing weekend, but I managed.

After school I took the dogs for a walk. We did a bit of jogging, so we got a good workout. Rose likes to run too fast for me, and Bandit goes a little slow. I am sure we are quite the trio to see while we jog.

I also made another step towards completing a resolution today. I resolved to try two things from Pinterest each month. Today I tried one. I made a recipe that I had pinned on there. They were lasagna roll-ups. Here are a couple photos of how it turned out:

Overall it was really good. Although I think I would change a couple things. This recipe asks for cottage cheese, and I think next time I will use Ricotta. Also I will add a few more spices. It wasn’t bad, but was a touch bland. If you were wondering, we had snow peas as our vegetable. I saute them with teriyaki sauce, a touch of water, and some honey. They are Hubs’ favorite!

Now I need to start planning for what my other Pinterest project will be. I want it to be a creative project, not a cooking project. At least I still have about 2.5 weeks to figure it out.

As far as finances go, we would have had a no-spend day except for the bills that were taken out of our account today. No extra spending today!

How are your resolutions going?


2 thoughts on “Made it Through Monday

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