No Spend: No Good

Today is a new financial month in our household. I got paid today, so I get to use a new spreadsheet (which always looks so nice and pretty at the beginning of the month– not much red on there). This financial month will end on February 15th. It is much easier for me to control things when it goes from payday to payday instead of from the first of the month to the first of the month.

Yesterday and today are not so good for no (low) spend January. Yesterday Hubs had his swearing-in ceremony for his new job. My dad came with me to the ceremony, and then all of us met my mom for dinner afterwards. I had a gift certificate to a Japanese Steakhouse, so we went there. Even with the gift certificate, it was quite a splurge for us. We enjoyed the dinner out and the company, so that was nice. We can afford the dinner with no problem, but it does not help the no (low) spend goals for January.

Today is also not a good day because we are purchasing a new laptop and Wii. The laptop will be paid for from some savings (we have known this day was coming, and have been putting some aside for it). It will not make us go in the red or cause us stress in our finances, but I wish we could be able to put the money in savings. Hubs is buying the Wii with his own money. This includes his MAD money that we get each month to spend how we want, and some Christmas money that he saved. I am not counting this against us for the no (low) spend January since it is his money, and he can use it how he wants. (I am counting the computer against us though, even though we have been saving).

Also, I got another medical bill (hopefully the last). This one is steeper than most of the others, but will keep us under the $300.00 a month if I wait until next month to pay it (which I hope I can). This one is for the anesthesiologist. As I said before, I really hope this is the last one. If I am not able to wait to pay it in full next month, then I will pay half this month and pull it out of savings. Then next month, I will pay the rest of it, and refund savings how much I would have to take out this month. Either way, we will be able to pay all the medical bills without getting over our heads and in the red.

Well, not much else to report here. I am fully ready for my 3 day weekend. I hope to get the house cleaned, get some scrapbooking done, and get some quality time with the Hubs.

Anybody else completely messing up their no (low) spend for January? Or are we the only ones? We will continue the challenge for this month, but we may try and start all over again in February.


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