Saturday Spending

I had to run errands today, so there was no way that today was going to be a no-spend. My Saturday started at 5:30 when the dogs decided it was time to wake me up. I got up with them and took them outside. It was a drizzly, cold morning. I had some time to kill since two of my three errands did not open until 9:00. I decided to get caught up on Grey’s Anatomy. I have been behind, so I watched 2 episodes this morning.

I finally left right around 9:00, and my first stop was the grocery store… where I bought no groceries. I had to stop at the ATM and get out some cash for our envelopes. I got some out for the dogs and our MAD money. I also stopped at the Starbucks in our grocery store to get a yummy coffee. I had a gift card and used some of my MAD money cash, so nothing out of the checking account.

After the quick stop at the grocery store, I went to Petco. Bandit was down to no food, so I needed to get him a bag. We are transitioning him to a grain-free food to see if it helps his itching. The food is super expensive, so I was not looking forward to the price. When I went down the aisle, I noticed one bag of his food was on the floor instead of on the shelf. I looked at it and there was a bright orange sticker. It said that the package was damaged, but the product inside was completely fine. Then it said 20% off! That’s awesome! The bag of food was normally $49.99, so I got $10.00 for the messed up bag (which I could never actually find anything wrong with the bag). Then on top of that, the food was also on sale $5.00 off. Awesome! In the end with tax I ended up paying $38.53 for a large bag of natural dog food. I saved $15.00, which I transferred to our savings account when I got home.

Next I went to the dollar store to pick up some things for my classroom. I spent $14.15 of my MAD money and got everything I needed to start some new centers for my first graders. I am super excited about them! This is some of the first money I have spent on my classroom this year. That’s a huge change from my first couple years of teaching when I would buy things almost monthly.

My last errand was back to the grocery store… to actually get groceries. I had to get some cold and frozen things that I didn’t want to leave in my car while I ran the other errands, but I had to get money out for the dog stuff. That’s why my route is so wonky. I spent a total of $82.59 for groceries this week (which is less than my average amount), and between coupons, our savings card, and sales, I saved $17.18. That was also transferred to our savings account.

After just today, our savings jumped from an extra $6.50 in February to an extra $38.68. I was just hoping to add an extra $50 or so into our savings account during the month… Looks like we will make that easily!

Then I came home to a clean kitchen and living room! My Hubs rocks! After putting all the groceries away, I sat down to update our finances. I made up some worksheets to help break down our savings and my photography income. I printed these out and filled in a few other worksheets for my home binder. (For those of you who are new to the blog, my home binder is a new year’s resolution that I am working on). The ones that I made turned out super cute and I am happy to be getting our financial life organized!

Also, I got our ING account set up and ready to go! Another resolution to cross off! I hope your resolutions are going well!

How are your February challenges going?


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