Quick Stop-In

Just thought I would give you an update on where things are at today. This is my to-do list that I posted last night, and I added the specific homework assignments I need to get done this week (and their due dates). Here is how things are looking:

*read at least 5 peer reviewed journal articles
*write literature review
*proof and turn in literature review (due Monday)
*upload Step 2 of research matrix (due Tuesday)
*respond to 4 discussion threads for research class (due Thursday)
*read 4 2 young adult books
*write 4 reading responses to young adult books (due next 2/20) (rough drafts for the first two are done)
*Discussion forum (due Thursday)
*Discussion response (due Friday)
*lesson plan for the week
*prepare valentines for my firsties
*grocery shop
*work on my decluttering challenge Almost done… I need to fix a couple more things and then take a picture!
*clean the kitchen and bathrooms
*update finances (on spreadsheet and in checkbook)
*get to the Post Office (for Carla’s mini challenge!)
*prep stuff for school next week (in addition to lesson planning)
*and all the other daily household things (make dinner, laundry, etc.) (This is ongoing)

Still a lot to do, but the literature review was the big homework assignment that I was really worried about… to the point of tears last night. It is written, and all I need to do is proof it and turn it in. I always give myself a day off from an assignment before I proof it. That way my brain has time to breathe before I have to think about the same thing again.

I am happy with my progress at this point even though there are many other things to get done. If I don’t get valentines for my firsties done, it won’t be the end of the world. I have pencils and erasers for them, I just wanted to make a little card to go with them. And I won’t die if the bathrooms get put off until next weekend. I just wanted them to get cleaned today, but it may not happen.

How is your weekend going? Are you plowing through your to-do list? Good luck!


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