Sunday Night Chit Chat

This is the photo I have on my business cards. I love it! It is so calming and serene. I have so much to do right now, but I thought I would take a pause and join in the Sunday Night Chit Chat fun! If you want to join in, check out Carla’s post to see the rules.

What are you…

A young adult book called Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. It is super weird, and I can’t really seem to get into it. I have to read it for my children’s lit class, so I can’t just abandon it.
Since last Sunday I started and finished Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. It was fantastic! I read it in two days, and it was so hard to put down. This one was for a book club whose meeting is on the 20th.
I also started and finished Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. This was another young adult book that was for my children’s lit class. It was quite interesting… pretty dark and sad, but it was a fast read.

The Grammys. They just started. I enjoy watching all the awards shows. It is something that is easy to have on in the background while working on other things.

Listening to?
LL Cool J saying a prayer for Whitney Houston.

Tonight was taco night! I used the taco meat to make a quesadilla, but Hubs had actual tacos. It was good, but I am still a little hungry.

Happy you accomplished this week?
My literature review. It was a long project that was not fun. It was finished yesterday, I proofed it about an hour ago, and I will turn it in after I post this.

Looking forward to next week?
Hopefully a snow day tomorrow. If that doesn’t happen, I am looking forward to Valentine’s Day. It is another day that I can throw my schedule away and do fun things at school. The kiddos love it too!
Also looking forward to getting my new camera strap in the mail! I can’t wait to put it on and put it to use! 🙂

Thankful for today?
A clean kitchen. My main decluttering challenge for the week and the mini challenge are done. I will probably post pictures for it tomorrow. If I didn’t have so much to do this evening, I would post again tonight, but I need to get things planned for tomorrow.

Your turn! You can post these questions and your answers on your blog! Or feel free to answer them in my comments. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Chit Chat

  1. I heard about the book "Heaven is for Real" but had forgotten about it. I need to see if they have it at the library. I just pulled up an interview with the dad. Thanks for the reminder!

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