Weekend Goals

I have been rather lazy with most areas of my life. Therefore I am going to try and post a to-do list for the weekend. I want you guys to hold me accountable. If I don’t come back Monday with an update to my to-do list, hound me with comments or emails or if you know me IRL call me and bother me. I need to get so much done this weekend! Wish me luck!

Friday night
Cook dinner (shouldn’t be hard, but I haven’t done this in a while)
Do a load of laundry (this has been a goal all week, and it hasn’t gotten done)
Figure out what a Literature Cluster is (This is an assignment that is due next Friday, and I have no idea what it entails)

Go to the Farmer’s Market with Mom (Depending on the weather, this may not happen)
Continue laundry until finished, folded, and put away
Give Bandit a bath (He is one stinky doggie)
Clean the kitchen
Update finances, including side bars (To be honest, this has been done in a month… naughty PF blogger)
Go to library (for literature cluster stuff)

Lesson plan for the week (and get caught up with old lesson plans that I didn’t write down)
Clean rest of upstairs
Grocery Shop
Take boxes of stuff to Goodwill
Get life planned for the upcoming month (which will lead me to summer break!!)

I think that is it. There are enough things on there that will keep me busy, but I don’t think I am going to wear myself out to the point that I can’t stand up at the end of the day. Again, I am hoping you all hold up your end of the deal and bother me until I get a follow-up post written. I need some accountability in my life.

I hope your weekend is productive or relaxing (whichever you are aiming for)!



2 thoughts on “Weekend Goals

  1. Sounds like a full plate to me!!! Maybe you need a time out teddy bear like mine. I set it for an hour then see how much I can get knocked out in that time, works pretty good for me to stay on track. (my friends thinks it's crazy)

  2. I usually set my timer for 30 minutes and work through that time. When the timer goes off, I take a 10 minute break. My 10 minute break can be anything I want– lying down, reading, on the computer, etc. After 10 minutes I am back to work for 30. I don't have the focus to work for an hour straight.

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