So, my to do list most likely will not get done. We are in for some nasty weather tonight, so I spent the day out getting some emergency supplies (because I am crazy like that). I couldn’t find a weather radio, but we are stocked up on water for us and the pups and some non-perishable food. Hopefully it won’t get to that point, but we want to be prepared.

We are taking my car to my parents’ house so that it can be kept in the shop, away from potential baseball-sized hail. Our weather isn’t slated to start until late tonight and continue in through tomorrow morning. I hate night time storms. I think they are some of the scariest.

Currently the western part of our state already has some tornadoes touching down. Our weather today has been super windy and warm. We have been listed at a TOR:CON 7. Here is some information on what TOR:CON is. Unfortunately looking at that scale, we are at a 9 for tonight. (10 is the highest rating).

Wish us luck! We are in for a bumpy night. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow morning to let you know we are all safe.



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