Weekend Update

Can I just say that sometimes I don’t even want to bother trying to make plans because they never seem to go the way I expect them to? That’s how this weekend went. I was sick for the majority of the weekend, and the weather around here kept me from doing any errands (since I didn’t have my car here from Saturday afternoon until late Sunday afternoon). Here is my sad update for the weekend:

Friday night
Cook dinner (shouldn’t be hard, but I haven’t done this in a while)- Did not do. Feeling sick = I don’t really want to be around food or cooking.
Do a load of laundry (this has been a goal all week, and it hasn’t gotten done)I did this right before bed because Hubs didn’t have any clean work pants. If it weren’t for him, it probably wouldn’t have gotten done.
Figure out what a Literature Cluster is (This is an assignment that is due next Friday, and I have no idea what it entails)- Nope. Still have no idea what a literature cluster is.

Go to the Farmer’s Market with Mom (Depending on the weather, this may not happen)- Nope. It was raining on Saturday morning, and I wasn’t feeling well. Maybe later this month we can go.
Continue laundry until finished, folded, and put away- Let’s say that I got two more loads washed and dried. They are not folded nor put away. Nor is my dirty clothes sorter empty. I hate laundry.
Give Bandit a bath (He is one stinky doggie)- Nope. We had a bit of an incident which involved him scratching his head open until it was bloody and raw. He had his cone off, and I was out of sight for about a minute, and this is what he did. I am going to give him a bath once his head heals. Until then, stinky doggie.
Clean the kitchen- I partially got the kitchen cleaned. I cleaned off about 75% of one counter. I am going to count this as a win.
Update finances, including side bars (To be honest, this has been done in a month… naughty PF blogger)- Nope. Plan on doing this later this evening.
Go to library (for literature cluster stuff)- Nope. I still don’t know what a literature cluster is and I didn’t have a car for most of the weekend, so I went nowhere (except to my parents’ house to drop off said car.)

Lesson plan for the week (and get caught up with old lesson plans that I didn’t write down)- Nope. I went to school today and knew what we were going to do, then I was sick and came home around 10:00. Again we will fly by the seat of our pants this week while learning about insects, butterfly life cycle, and plants. It will be good fun!
Clean rest of upstairs- I did get some of the living room cleaned, but that’s about it.
Grocery Shop- Nope. No car on Sunday.
Take boxes of stuff to Goodwill- See above.
Get life planned for the upcoming month (which will lead me to summer break!!)- Nope.

This is what honesty is about, folks. It’s not pretty. Getting sick was not really in my plans for the weekend, neither was severe weather. Some of these things will get done during the week, so I will be able to get more than one item crossed off.

Can I just say that I am looking forward to summer break? Completing a to-do list is a lot easier without having to work full-time. Just 5 1/2 more weeks left!

I hope your weekend was more productive than mine!



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