Sunday Night Chit Chat

I’m alive! This upcoming week is a big one, so I have been busy and hope to be back to a somewhat regular posting schedule after this week.

Here is my Sunday Night Chit-Chat brought to you by Carla.

This image shows my literature cluster that I had to complete for one of my Master’s classes. I did a cluster about butterflies, and my first graders loved learning about them all week!

What are you…

Nothing really. I read blogs everyday, so I guess that would count.

Currently we are watching Dateline. It’s about what people think their kids would never do. It’s quite interesting. I think it’s kind of sad that these parents really don’t think their kids do certain things… like use their cell phones while they drive. 4 out of the 4 kids who said they don’t use their cell phones while they drive, were all caught using their cell phones.

Listening to?
Rose is chewing on an antler (it’s better than rawhide) and the TV.

Nada. I did make spaghetti last night, so I think that counts.

Happy you accomplished this week?
I am happy I survived. I had to leave work early on Monday due to being sick, and I still haven’t been feeling 100%. Hopefully I will feel like myself soon enough.

Looking forward to next week?
I have a college student coming in to teach a couple social studies lessons, so I am looking forward to having a little break from teaching. I am also taking Thursday afternoon off to get a few things done, so that will also be a nice little break.

Thankful for today?
Beautiful weather. I haven’t had the A/C on all day. It’s been nice and cool outside, so I have had the sliding door open, and just shut it if it gets a little cold. The temps should get warmer as the week goes on, and I am looking forward to this. I am very ready for summer and summer break!



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