Goals, Goals, Goals.

So, in order to save myself embarrassment, we will just pretend April didn’t happen.  M’kay?  Thanks, friends.  Just assume I failed all of the goals I set for myself.  That way I don’t have to rehash the ugly of it.

May has come and is almost half way gone.  After today we are down to only 7.5 days left with students.  Don’t worry, I only started counting about a month ago. 🙂  I have been crazy busy with school stuff, and this baby is just really throwing a wrench into my regular routine.  I am over 13 weeks, so I am ready for the second trimester energy and non-sickness to kick in at any point.  

I have been coming up with some very  broad summer goals.  One big hurdle I have to get over is organizing my classroom enough so that it can be moved.  I am still going to be teaching first grade, but there is this really long story that goes with this building and basically all of the teachers are moving and switching rooms.  If you have been counting, this is the third time I have had to move classrooms in 5 years.  I moved to a new school after 2 years of teaching, then moved again to a different school after 2 more years of teaching, and am now moving classrooms after 1 year of teaching.  Ahhhh!  I need to adapt a minimalist lifestyle to my teaching, but that is kind of hard in the primary grades.

Anyway, once the classroom gets organized enough to be moved, I have come up with 4 daily goals for the entire summer:

1.  Do something active each day.  This could be yoga, walking, swimming, cleaning, etc.  I have got to get off my rear and get into action!  I haven’t gained much weight yet (only 2 lbs in 11 weeks), but we also don’t need me to become a blimp any time soon.  I know that it is recommended for preggos to get exercise, and I really need to make a concerted effort to do this… not just for myself, but for the baby (cue cheesy music). 

2.  Do something for the house each day.  This can be cleaning, purging, laundry, organizing, anything.  I think if I set my goal at just doing 1 thing, I won’t get so behind in things that I feel like I am drowning… like I do now.

3.  Do something for school each day.  I have a long list of things I need to do in order to be prepared for my kiddos in August.  I can do many of those things at home, so that is the plan.  Once my classroom is moved, then I will be able to actually do some of these things at school.

4.  Do something photography related each day.  I need to get better.  Plain and simple.  This could be taking photos, watching tutorials, reading up on techniques, playing on photoshop, stalking my sister’s sister-in-law who is a fantastic photographer, anything really.  I just need to make sure to keep current and do something each day.

On top of all of this, I have a master’s class in June and another one in July.  I also know we will be taking  a trip to Chicago to see our new niece or nephew (who is due to make an appearance in just a few short weeks!)  Things will be hectic, so I am counting on you, my readers, to make sure I get with the program.  I also have other goals, but they aren’t necessarily daily goals… I need to get back in the game with my finances, updating my sidebars, and updating our budget.  I also need to get back in the game with training the dogs.  Their lives will change forever in November, and they haven’t the slightest clue yet.  I need to get back to cooking and trying new recipes.  

My goals are always lofty for the summer, but this will be the first summer in a while that I have not had a side job.  Hopefully I can keep up with things and complete everything I want to!  Wish me luck and make sure to stalk me and keep me accountable!




4 thoughts on “Goals, Goals, Goals.

  1. I feel ya on the moving thing. I have had to move grade levels, classrooms, or pack up my room EVERY YEAR FOR 5 YEARS! This summer my room is being used by JCPRD Summer Camp, last year it was painted, the year before that I moved grades, the year before that I moved schools! I have learned to throw away things! And have everything in Rubbermaid tubs/bins!

  2. Lots on your list of to do's for the summer but you better be figuring in that sweet baby in your plans!!! Nov will be here before you can blink and eye, make time to take care of you!!!!!!!

  3. Will plan to stalk you. As Debby said, you do need to figure the baby in your plans: if you can, it would help if you stocked up your freezer with meals for November and December, before school starts up again. It will save you money and time when your energy is depleted with a newborn and/or you're spending time cuddling and staring mushy-eyed at the baby. (That takes a lot more time than you anticipate — but it's worth it.)

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