Weekly Money Check Up

6.5 days of school with the kiddos left.  Don’t worry, I’m not counting. 🙂  However, I am counting down until Saturday when I get a prenatal massage!  Can’t wait!

Here is my quick money check-up, which I haven’t done in ages.  As always, it is brought to us by My Pretty Pennies.

 1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on a hotel room.  Hubs and I went to a wedding this weekend.  (Hubs was an usher).  The wedding was about 3 hours away, which we probably could have driven back after the reception on Saturday night, but we chose to splurge and get a hotel room for one night.  

2. Today I am thankful for the Kwik Shop.  I did not have any breakfast food this morning, aside from expired milk (since we had been away all weekend), and a few crumbs of cereal.  I went to the Kwik Shop at about 5:30 this morning before the grocery store was open, grabbed a half gallon of milk and some cereal, and made it back home before the morning sickness got me.

3.  Money can’t buy happiness.  One free thing I did last week that made me happy was go to dinner with my family last night.  Normally this would not have been a free experience, but thanks to a super rude host and a worthwhile general manager, we had our meal comped.  I also ate too many breadsticks and salad before my meal arrived, so that means I got a free dinner, lunch today, and lunch for tomorrow.  Not too shabby!

4.  I will consider this week a success if I  survive.  I am coming down with a sinus infection, and it sucks big time!  Sinus headaches are killing me.  My throat burns when I swallow.  The drainage is making me more nauseous than normal.  It is just not a fun time.

5.  My favorite Disney character is Krunk from The Emporer’s New Groove.  This is my favorite Disney movie, which I can pretty much quote from beginning to end.  I absolutely love Krunk because he makes me laugh so much!  If you haven’t seen this movie, you should stop reading this post immediately and go watch it!

So there ya have it!  Go ahead and answer the questions on your blog and leave a comment with the post, or answer the questions in the comment section!  I would love to hear how things are going this week!



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