A Spendy Kind of Day

It has been a bit of a spendy day today.  I knew it was coming though and waited until after I got paid yesterday.  It started off with meeting Hubs for dinner after work.  I knew I was going to be shopping this evening, so we decided to meet in town at Jason’s Deli.  I was really craving a big salad, so I got the salad bar, and it was amazing!
After dinner my first stop was Petco.  Both dogs were about out of food.  It is rare that I have to buy both foods at the same time, so it was quite expensive.  I also bought a little toy for a lady who is leaving work and just got a puppy (we are filling a bag with goodies for her), and I got a tag silencer for Bandit because he is noisy.  All of that ended up being over $100.  Yikes!  About half of that was just for Bandit’s special food.  Rose is a cheap eater, so it’s not too bad for her food.
After that I can’t say where I went!  I got to go shopping for my secret sister!  For those of you who don’t know what that is, let me explain.  Carla at My Half Dozen Daily is hosting a secret sister swap.  I signed up to participate and finally got my shopping done.  I think I got some great stuff and kept on budget!  I actually am regifting one item.  I received some sweet goodies from a student last week.  I am not a fan of the goodies, but they are some of my secret sister’s favorites.  Perfect!  Also there is a store nearby that is going out of business, so they have everything 80% off.  I got a couple things from there for next to nothing.  Perfect!
Now I just have to get it in the mail tomorrow.  I love giving gifts, so I am super excited for my secret sister to get her present!  

In case you lost count… 3.5 days of school (with kids) left!



4 thoughts on “A Spendy Kind of Day

  1. Ha, you Secret Sister gift sounds like mine!! I was pulling out coupons, rewards points, and digging in my sewing stash for nice gifts that stayed under budget, so fun!! Not talk of tummy troubles, must be over the yucky 1st hump I hope

  2. Pet food can add up soo fast! My bag of cat food is $30! Ouch! lol! Also, I happen to know that your secret sister pkg. is already on the way to you!! 🙂

  3. I got my package and I LOVE IT!!! I feel so special today!! I will be posting on Monday all about it, but I wanted you to know it arrived safe and sound.Thank you, thank you!!!!!

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