Sunday Night Chit Chat

Ugh!  So, I am pretty much over the morning sickness, unless I wake up really hungry.  But don’t let that fool you… I am miserable!  I have been battling allergies (I think).  I am worried it is turning into a sinus something or the other.  Yuck!  Hopefully I will be better soon, because my sister-in-law is going to be having a baby anytime soon, and Hubs and I will be traveling up there to see and for me to do newborn photos.

Anyway, here is my Sunday night chit chat courtesy of the lovely Carla

What are you…

Reading?  Nothing currently.  I am letting my brain rest until the end of the school year, then I may take some suggestions of what to read next.  I guess Hubs and I read a pregnancy book each Tuesday for the start of a new week.  I promise I will start doing belly bump photos soon!

Watching?  The Billboard Music Awards.  It’s pretty boring to be honest with you.  I am not a fan of some of the artist that keep winning, but we don’t have many other choices.  Lately Hubs and I have been catching up on the most recent season of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes and Deadliest Catch.  We usually watch one of each before bed each night.

Listening To?  Hubs talk on the phone to his brother.  Hubs is not a big phone talker, but in the past week he has now talked to both siblings!  I am so proud!

Cooking/Baking?  Because of the sickness, I made a grilled cheese sandwich and some noodle soup for dinner for myself.  I did cook the past two nights, which is a record for the past three months.  I had planned to do steaks and a big dinner, but I just felt too crummy to even try.

Happy You Accomplished This Week?  Today I managed to clean the downstairs and get some laundry done.  I did this and then pretty much collapsed.  It was desperately needed though.  The dust bunnies were getting as big as Rose.  Next goal is to get the upstairs cleaned later this week.

Looking Forward to Next Week?  Say it with me:  Summer Vacation!  The kids are done on Tuesday at 11:30 and my contract time is finished on Wednesday at 3:40.  Can’t wait!!  I am also looking forward to lunch and pedis on Thursday with some teacher friends.  It will be fantastic and a great way to close out the school year together.

Thankful for Today?  Hot tea.  I am currently sipping a hot cup of decaf with honey.  I keep hoping it performs a miracle and cures my sore throat.  No luck so far.



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