Summer Goals

I know that I posted about summer goals earlier, but I just thought I would reiterate them and let you know how these first couple weeks have gone so far.  My goals were very broad and that makes me feel as though I can be more successful with them.  Here is a refresher about what my goals are:

1.  Do something active each day.  This could be yoga, walking, swimming, cleaning, etc.  I have got to get off my rear and get into action!  I haven’t gained much weight yet (only 2 lbs in 11 weeks), but we also don’t need me to become a blimp any time soon.  I know that it is recommended for preggos to get exercise, and I really need to make a concerted effort to do this… not just for myself, but for the baby (cue cheesy music). 

2.  Do something for the house each day.  This can be cleaning, purging, laundry, organizing, anything.  I think if I set my goal at just doing 1 thing, I won’t get so behind in things that I feel like I am drowning… like I do now.

3.  Do something for school each day.  I have a long list of things I need to do in order to be prepared for my kiddos in August.  I can do many of those things at home, so that is the plan.  Once my classroom is moved, then I will be able to actually do some of these things at school.

4.  Do something photography related each day.  I need to get better.  Plain and simple.  This could be taking photos, watching tutorials, reading up on techniques, playing on photoshop, stalking my sister’s sister-in-law who is a fantastic photographer, anything really.  I just need to make sure to keep current and do something each day.

And here is how they are going:

1.  Doing something active each day:  I have not done well with this at all.  I have thought about going for a walk almost every day, but I haven’t taken the leap.  I have tried to walk to the mailbox most days, but that’s definitely not enough.  I need to start scheduling this into my day and just get it done.   

2. Doing something for the house each day:  I do very well with this one when Hubs is at work.  On the days that he is off (Wed-Fri) I find myself just kind of slugging around with him.  On days he is gone, I usually never turn the tv on and do some cleaning.  The last big thing I did was go through my stamp sets and put them on ebay.  I am up to $48 in sales on ebay (and also $6 in sales in person).  That means I have beat my goal of $50!  There are still 3 days for the auctions, so the number should go up.  We plan to put this money in savings for when I am on maternity leave.  Every little bit helps!

3.  Do something for school each day:  This has been put on hold.  I interviewed for a 3rd grade position in my district and won’t find out about that until the end of June.  Because of this, I haven’t jumped in to doing a lot for a first grade classroom.  Once I find out for sure about the position, I will be more willing to work on things for my classroom.

4.  Do something photography related:  Can I count pinning things on Pinterest?  I pin a lot of photography related things on Pinterest, but I have not done anything else since my nephew’s newborn shoot.  I guess you can count taking pictures for ebay, but I don’t think that was really stretching my creative muscle.  I plan to finish editing the newborn pictures in the next couple days, so that will count.

Do you have any goals for the summer?  How are they going?


3 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. Sounds like you are working pretty well on your goals, I too find with hubby home we tend to get sucked into to much TV, I never have it on when I am alone. Only summer plans here are to keep the garden up, preserve food for next year and get in some sewing I have been wanting to do and the biggie is to scrub the kitchen a grands room down. I feel like those area's have had a little to much wear and tear the past year!

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