Monday Morning Chit-Chat

I know!  Normally it’s Sunday night chit-chat, but I was exhausted yesterday and went to bed around 8:00.  I couldn’t find the strength in me to write a blog post.  Things are a big crazy around here right now, but hopefully they will calm down later this week (and hopefully I will find some time to get some more regular blogging done.)

Onto the chit-chat, hosted by the lovely Carla.
What are you…

Reading? To be specific I have been reading Issues and Trends in Literacy Education and today I will begin reading Best Practices in Literacy Instruction.  Guess whose Masters classes have started?

Watching? Nothing.  When I am home alone, the TV is rarely turned on.  I don’t even think Hubs and I turned on the TV last night either.  According to him there wasn’t anything good on, so we just ignored the big black box in the living room.

Listening to? The jingle of dog tags and lapping of water.  Rose just came in from spending some morning time on the deck and was grabbing a quick drink.  I can barely hear some traffic noise in the background because our back door is open.  I also hear some birds and bugs.  Other than that, it’s pretty quiet, but very peaceful.

Cooking/Baking? Nothing currently.  I made spaghetti for dinner last night, and I think we may do grilled pizzas tonight for dinner. 

Happy You Accomplished? I got thank you notes written for the people who gave me something for my birthday last week.  I have to make a run to the post office to get some stamps though, as I ran out of them.

Looking Forward to Next Week?  My mom and I are heading out west to visit my grandma for a few days.  Unfortunately I have a lot of homework due on the day that we leave, so I am trying to get it done in the next three days so I don’t have to worry about it while I am there.  Also, my grandma lives in a VERY rural area, and I am not sure I could get internet access in order to get the homework done once I was there.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing my grandma and spending time with my mom.

Thankful for Today? The rain!  It finally rained last night and this morning.  It has been one of the hottest and driest springs on record, and we finally got some rain.  My little tomato plants are very happy about that… and I am happy I didn’t have to water them this morning.

*Bonus Question*
Best Buy Over the Last Month?  This is a hard one since I have done a lot of shopping lately.  I love all of my maternity clothes, but I think the best bargain happened this past Saturday.  Hubs and I have stopped giving our dogs rawhide because it upsets their tummies and causes them to throw up.  My brother found out that you can give dogs antlers to chew on, and they don’t break down the way rawhide does (and it will last forever).  There is only one store around here that carries antlers for dogs, and it is quite expensive.  One little stick of antler costs about $15.  Well, on Saturday my mom and I found some antlers at the farmer’s market.  For a stick that normally would cost $15-$20 it was only $4 or $5!  I ended up buying 2 sticks of antlers for less than I would normally pay for one.  I am going to have to go back again some other time and stock up on more!  And Rose couldn’t be happier with the purchase.


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Chit-Chat

  1. Yeah, the reading sucks! I am finished with the smaller assignments for the week, but one big assignment is a book review on one of the books I listed… which is a textbook. Not fun reading by any stretch of the imagination!

  2. What is it about teachers that make them go back to school when they are prego!! DD#1 did the same as you, as has so many of her friends. Have a great trip with your Mom

  3. Debby, when I started back for my Masters, I wasn't preggo. I was also assuming we would wait until I finished my Masters to get preggo… But our timing is not always the same as God's, and Hubs had a change of heart and wanted a baby sooner. 🙂

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