Sunday Night Chit-Chat

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet of the nations.”   -Jeremiah 1:5 (NIV)
I love this verse, and I love knowing that God already knows my baby even though I still have about 5 more months before I get to meet him/her.

… And on to the chit-chat.
 What are you…

Reading: Still working on my text books.  I have a chapter I need to read and complete a discussion before tomorrow night.  I also ordered another book that hopefully will be here tomorrow.  I have another book review due on Thursday and need that book in order to complete it.

Watching: Well Game 3 of the NBA finals is on right now, but I wouldn’t say I am actively watching it.  

Listening to:  I was listening to the doggies play, but they are done with that, so just the commercials on the TV right now.

Cooking/Baking:  Tonight we went out to dinner to celebrate Father’s Day and our anniversary which was last week.  It was delicious!  Here is my menu for the upcoming week though:
Monday: Chicken/veggie kabobs, rice
Tuesday: Steak, corn, salad, rolls 
Wednesday: Steak fajitas, rice
Thursday: Pizza
 I plan to go grocery shopping on Friday, so the menu will restart then.

Happy you accomplished: Today I got our budget for the upcoming month ready to go.  We already use cash for about everything, but I am going to start using cash for groceries and eating out.  This is going to be a challenge because we usually go over budget in both of those categories.  Hopefully by using cash, it will help us stay on track.  I also started a vacation fund jar.  We get a deposit back for each glass milk jug we return to the grocery store.  I am going to start taking the money we get back from that and will put it in the vacation fund jar.  I returned 5 jugs today (since I forgot to return them last week, we had so many) and got $13.75.  It will be a slow process, but I think it will be easier since I don’t have to find more money in the budget to make a new line item.

Looking forward to next week: Our 20 week ultrasound!  Technically we will have it done while I am only 19 weeks and 3 days, but close enough!  It happens on Thursday, and we are so excited to get a little peek at this baby!  That means I will have an updated bump report and picture.

Thankful for today: My dad and my husband.  My dad was the best dad anyone could ask for.  He was strict but loving.  Serious when he needed to be, but silly at all other times.  A great teacher and mentor.
My husband is going to be a great father!  He is very excited about this baby, and I can’t wait to see him in action when our baby makes his/her appearance.

*Bonus Question*
If you could have just one thing off your *wish list* right now, what would it be?
The Canon EOS 5D Mark III.  It’s only a cool $3,500 on Amazon right now, so it will be on the wish list for quite some time.  I would definitely love to have it, though!
Feel free to play along and go check out Carla’s chit-chat!

One thought on “Sunday Night Chit-Chat

  1. You will be soo very blessed, Jessie! There is absolutely nothing more sacred in this world than that amazing & God given bond with your child. I'm excited for your ultrasound! I always looked forward to that too! 🙂 That's quite the price on that camera…ouch! lol!

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