Link Fest

I have never participated in a link fest!  Some of these posts may be a little old, but I am cleaning out my starred items on google reader and thought I would share some that I found interesting, intriguing, or just plain fun.  Enjoy some extra reading!

Jen at IHeart Organizing shares some of the pressures of appearing “perfect.”  She talks about creating a new definition of perfect and focusing on living the life we have in front of us.  I think this is a great concept to live by.

Vivienne at The V Spot shares some good information about choosing a sunscreen, and why it is so important to lather up this summer!

The Minimalist Mom shares with us why we don’t need to always share everything in our lives.  We crave validation, but do we really need a comment or a “like” to make something awesome?

This is an old one, but MODG shares all kinds of great information on cloth diapers.  Hubs and I are interested in using cloth diapers in the future, so this was a great place to start!

I hope you enjoy reading some other blog posts, and maybe you will even find a new blog to follow.  I will try to keep up with link fests, although I don’t think I can manage to keep up with them weekly like some of my fellow rock star bloggers.



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