Monday, Monday

Well, I have gotten a few things accomplished today.  I started out by taking the dogs on a walk around 8:15 this morning.  By the time I had finished both walks it was 9:10, and the temp was already 86 F/30 C.  It was HOT already.  It is supposed to be this hot all week.  I looked at the 10 day forecast, and there are two chances of rain: Friday and Saturday.  Unfortunately the chances are only 10%.  The hot, dry summer continues.  Here are my walking companions after their walks:

Miss Rose trying to pant while lying down next to the water dish.

Mr. Bandit exhausted and lying on the cool linoleum.

It looks like they are smiling, but don’t let it fool you.  These two little ones were exhausted!  I usually walk Rose for about 40-45 minutes, and then use Bandit as my cool down walk for about 15-20 minutes.  It was tiring work today.

After the walks, we all laid down for a bit because I wasn’t feeling too well.  I think I may have gotten a little too hot.  Hubs keeps telling me to take it easy or else I am going to be grounded.  I usually do fine during the walks, I think it’s just once I stop it all catches up with me.  Anyway, we laid down for about 30 minutes before I showered and went to meet Hubs for lunch.  It is going to be our last lunch date for quite some time.  His schedule changes starting next Monday, and he will be working 2-10 Monday through Friday.  I can meet him for dinner, but not for lunch.

Once I got home, I continued with laundry.  I am sure you guys all think that I do nothing but laundry and we must be very messy people.  That’s really not the case.  I dry all my clothes on my little stand dryer on the deck, so I only get through 2 or 3 loads a day.  During the summer I also clean our sheets, mattress pad, all the dog beds, and whatnot at least once a month.  I am really bad at keeping up with it during the school year.  I also have been washing the chair pockets that I use in my classroom.  After a year of first grade germs, I figured they needed a good scrub.

My to-do list has been going pretty well.  I am still struggling with motivation to get anything done.  I will work for maybe an hour, but then I will get side tracked or bored.  Once I am done with this post, it will time to work on my final project.  I have to get this project done and one more discussion board completed, and then I will be done with this class.  I have a class in July that I need to get ready for (aka buy the book for).  It is with an instructor that I haven’t had in the past, so it will be interesting to see the work load.

I wanted to clean the master bedroom, and I did get it all picked up, but I haven’t vacuumed it.  I will still probably give Bandit a bath, but will wait until later this evening to tackle that one.  I don’t know if my vacuuming will get done, but if I get bored enough with research, I may resort to it just to get myself to do something new.

Well, wish me luck on this project!  I have been procrastinating for quite some time.


One thought on “Monday, Monday

  1. Aww… Poor things! Poor you too! Take it easy ok?! Especially in the heat! 🙂 Soon enough you’ll be “nesting” then you’ll be blasting through your “to-do” list!! 🙂

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