Sunday Night Chit-Chat

And it’s time for another rousing round of Sunday night chit-chat.  I know that everyone waits at home on Sunday evenings until I put up this post.  🙂  If you are new to the game, Carla hosts this chit-chat each week, so check out her blog and the other bloggers who participate!

My new printer table!

First, let’s start with this lovely: my new printer table.  We have been in this residence for over a year now, and for that entire length of time my printer has sat on the floor along with other miscellaneous items.  All the printer items lived in our linen closet.  This was not the best set-up, but it worked.  I have been looking for a table to put my printer on, but had not been having much luck.  This past weekend my mom and I went to a barn sale, and we found this gorgeous red table.  It was marked for $35, but my awesome mom negotiated it down to $30.  (I hate negotiating, so she does all the dirty work for me.)  I am in love with this table!  Our couch is sage green, and the colors compliment each other perfectly!

Now on to the chat:

What are you…

Reading? A lot of blogs! 🙂  Also Teaching Reading in the Content Areas.  I am happy to report that I got a 100% in my June course, and have just started my July course.  So far I have a 100% in it also, even though I have just turned in one assignment.

Watching?  Nothing currently!  This does not happen often: Hubs and I are both home and the TV is not on.  It is very nice.  I am looking forward to a new improv show starting this week, though.  I have also been getting caught up with Design Star on Hulu.  It’s one of my favorites.

Listening To? Barking.  There is one dog barking in the distance, and Rose is on the deck, so she barks occasionally so everyone knows she is around.  Besides that, there are a few birds that we can hear with the glass door being open.

Baking/Cooking?  Nothing tonight.  I am going to run to the grocery store tomorrow and here is what our menu looks like:

  • Monday:  Lunch- on our own since I have plans with friends, Dinner- I will have leftovers and will pack Hubs a sack dinner to eat at work
  • Tuesday: Lunch- Spaghetti, Dinner- leftovers for me, packed lunch or frozen meal for Hubs
  • Wednesday- Lunch on our own since I have plans with a friend, Dinner- I will have leftovers and will pack Hubs a sack dinner to eat
  • Thursday- Lunch- grilled terriyaki chicken, Dinner- I will have leftovers and will pack Hubs a sack dinner
  • Friday- Lunch- grilled cheese and tomato soup, Dinner- I will probably make some tuna salad for myself and pack Hubs a sack dinner

Happy you Accomplished this Week?  Last night my mom hosted a craft night at her house for me and my sister to come over and craft things.  I did 3 shirt refashions, one of which I will feature tomorrow on my blog.  I am proud of myself for getting back to sewing and having the guts to try something completely new and foreign to me.  And I am excited about how they turned out.

Looking Forward to Next Week? Lunch with teacher friends tomorrow, and lunch with my former cooperating teacher from student teaching on Wednesday.  My summer lunches are coming to a close, and we don’t get together enough during the school year.  It will be nice to catch up with everyone.

Thankful for Today? Rain!  It finally rained!  The weather channel website said we got about 0.5 in. (1.3 cm).  It isn’t much, but for how dry it has been, it was definitely welcomed.  Rose did not seem to enjoy the thunder, but otherwise the rest of us were so excited about the storm.  I think my little tomato plants were the most excited about it.

*Bonus Question* Grab the book nearest you, turn to page 18, line 4, and type out what it says.

The nearest book to me is Teaching Reading in the Content Areas (shocking!).  I just finished my homework before I blogged, so that is why my textbook is so close.

“vocabulary and text structure, will be examined in detail in the”

What a cliffhanger!  Doesn’t that make you want to know the rest of that statement?  At least this textbook is an easy read.

There ya have it!  Now it’s your turn.  Link up on Carla’s blog or just share the answers in the comments section.  Enjoy a relaxing Sunday evening!


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