Shirt Refashion #1

This past weekend my mom hosted my sister and me for a craft night.  Since I have quit scrapbooking I have needed to find a new craft.  I have been reading some refashioning blogs lately and thought I would give it a try.  I learned to sew in high school during home ec, and my mom has been a wonderful seamstress and quilter my entire life.  I enjoy sewing and like the idea of refashioning clothes that I can get for pennies on the dollar from a thrift store or just clothes that I would otherwise give away.

A friend of mine gave me a large load of maternity clothes that were going to be donated.  I went through them and picked out the ones that fit and that I liked.  After that I was left with many items that did not fit or were not exactly my style.  I chose to dig through these clothes to see if I could find something to refashion.  I ended up refashioning 3 shirts that I took to my mom’s house, and this is the one I am most proud of.

Since it was my first time to really try my hand at this, I didn’t take any photos of the shirt before or the process.  I will do my best to explain what all I did.

First, close your eyes and imagine a long-sleeved, gray, v-neck, jersey, maternity shirt.  No elastic on the side, just a tent-like shirt.  That is what I started with.  It was a bit too big, and since it is a million degrees, I wanted to make it into a sleeveless shirt.  To do this I started by ripping out the seams for the sleeves.  I had plans for that fabric when I was finished.  I took both sleeves off, then put in a double seam around the arm holes.  I am still working on sewing straight, so the seams aren’t perfect.

After finishing the new sleeveless-ness, I took the extra fabric from the sleeves and cut two pieces of fabric 5″x17″.  These numbers were arbitrary for the most part.  I folded each piece in half and sewed.  They became long tubes, basically.  I utilized the original hem of the sleeves, so I didn’t have to hem these.  Once I finished these, I ripped out about a 3″ part of the side seam under the arm hole.  I inserted the tubes that I made from the sleeve fabric and sewed into the two holes I seam ripped from the side seam.  This made two ties that I could tie in the back.

Here is the final product:

This is the front of my new maternity shirt.

This is the back of the shirt with the two ties.

I really like this shirt, but the only thing that is a little awkward is how long the arm holes are.  I would definitely need to wear a tank top under it.  I also think it would look super cute with a collared shirt underneath for work.

It doesn’t look like much, but I love how it turned out.  I am rather proud of my first attempt at clothing refashioning.  Hopefully I will get the chance to do some more.  I still have some more clothes and ideas that I want to work on eventually.

Have you done anything crafty lately?


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