Short, Funny Story

Here is a short, funny, little story that goes along with my rant from yesterday:

Last night Hubs got home from work and read my blog.  (He’s such a great guy!).  He told me that one of the officers he was working with decided to try and guess his age.  Now, Hubs is only 9 months older than me and will turn 29 in August.  The officer started his guessing at 32.  Hubs said no, and the officer increased his guess to 35.  Um, wrong way!  The officer guessing Hubs’ age was shocked that he was only 28 right now!  Poor Hubs 😦

Now, Hubs does have a bit of gray hair, which does not help.  But all of this makes me wonder:  What do we look like when we are together?  Does he look like a creepier old guy who knocked up a teenager?  That can’t be good combination.


3 thoughts on “Short, Funny Story

  1. EWWWW. *hahaha*

    Is there anything you can do that will “age” your look? Clothes, haircut? I am sure it is frustrated to not be taken seriously because it is perceived you are young.

    I will say this….something happens in your mid 30’s that people think you have lived enough to actually be an “adult” for real. And they start to take you more seriously.

    Hope you are feeling well.

    • I do try to dress professionally when I am at work, and make sure that my make-up and hair are done. I don’t wear a ton of make-up, though, so maybe the fresh-faced look throws some people off. In a few years, I am sure I will be thankful for my youthfulness… I will probably be thankful for it in about 6 months, when I am getting next to no sleep. 🙂

  2. bahaha!! Just be glad you’re the one that looks like a “teenager”! 😉 My son has had his friends ask “who the hottie” was he was with… he replies with “DUDE!!! THAT’S MY MOM!!!!!!” rotfl! I look younger than 38.. most peg me for mid twenties. lol! I’d rather that then the opposite way around! 😉

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