Feeling Crummy

Feeling pretty crummy today.  I have been dealing with indigestion and acid reflux, thanks to the baby that is taking up prime real estate in the center of my body.  No matter what I eat, it feels like it just sits in my esophagus and doesn’t want to move.  It is not a comfortable feeling.  I have heard that taking walks after I eat will help aid in digestion, but with it being so hot right now, I don’t think that will happen.  I suppose I could walk up and down my stairs for 20 minutes.

I have one more homework assignment due tomorrow that I am hoping to get done tonight.  I have to write a paper that is a minimum of 100 words.  This kind of makes me laugh because this blog post is currently over 280 words.  100 words is not hard to complete.  Besides that, I don’t think much else will get done.  I really need to do dishes (the bane of my existence), but I really don’t want to.  I also need to update my checkbook.  My brother has shared his financial database with me, and I finally was able to install Microsoft Office on my home computer, so I may play around with that if I have some time.  Right now I just use an excel spreadsheet for our finances, but I want something a little more in depth.  I built the spreadsheet myself, but I think I am at the top of my skill level and wouldn’t be able to get it to what I want it to be.

Tomorrow my parents are meeting me at my school to help work in my classroom.  There is a lot to get done, so hopefully I will get a lot crossed off my to-do list there.

Not much else going on around here.  How are things going in your life?


2 thoughts on “Feeling Crummy

  1. Hope you feel better soon!! Durn little baby’s are always up to no good, better have a long talk with it or there will be no ice cream after dinner

  2. I am sure you know all of this…but cut down on acid foods, eat dairy. You can take Tums with your doctor’s permission. It will all be worth it!

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