A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On

No, not me… I am not a very good dancer (ask Hubs).  It’s Miss Blue… my 10 year old Toyota Corolla.  For the past few months, she would shake uncontrollably, especially when I would drive her at high speeds.  (High speeds meaning 70 mph on interstate– not drag racing or anything).  The last time I went in for an oil change, we went ahead and had my wheels balanced to see if that was the problem.  They weren’t off by much, so the guys at Midas (best place ever!) didn’t charge me for the balance.  Basically they said if it fixed the problem, let them know and they would charge me the next time I came in, but since they weren’t off that much, they didn’t think that was the problem.  They were right.  It wasn’t the problem, and my little car kept shaking.  It got to the point that I was getting a little nervous driving around and tried my best to stick to any roads that were about 55 mph or lower.  I held out on taking her back until my next oil change.  Since my driving decreases by about tenfold in the summer, since I am not driving to work everyday, I just waited.

Well, it’s oil change time today!  I took my car in to the shop, and within an hour they had called me back with a verdict.  Apparently the back tires were chopped terribly.  I am not sure what this means, but they said it was some of the worst they had seen.  The guy didn’t know if a belt had broken internally at some point which caused them to chop so much, but it was bad!  So, now I get 4 new tires for the little girl and a front-end alignment… all to the tune of $560ish.

Originally the price quoted to me was about $575, but as soon as I got off the phone with Mike from Midas, he called back!  He had found a coupon that were buy 3 and get 1 free for tires.  The tires on the coupon are better quality and are actually more expensive than the ones he first quoted me for.  Because of the coupon, though, I was able to get the four better tires for less!  (I told you… these guys at Midas are the best!)  And with the other tires, I wouldn’t have had my car back until tomorrow.  With the better tires, I get my car back today!  It saved me $15, which doesn’t seem like much… but trust me, I will take it!

Going into this, I was honestly worried that we may have to do some car shopping.  Miss Blue isn’t exactly a spring chicken and isn’t worth much, so we didn’t want to have to put down thousands of dollars on repairs.  Luckily we do have enough money set aside, but I am having to borrow from some different savings accounts to put it all together.  Our car repair account only had about $235 in it, so it wasn’t enough to just empty that account.  I also had to empty our miscellaneous emergency account (another $125) and then take some from our maternity leave account ($200).  That was the one that I wasn’t happy about.  I am happy though that we don’t have to go into debt for this repair, but it makes me sad that we had to empty two accounts and take some from one account that is very important at this time.  A good thing, though, is that August is a 3 paycheck month for Hubs, so I had already planned on putting quite a bit extra into savings next month.  We will also have our CC paid off in September, so we will have that extra to put into savings.

I guess it’s not terrible news, but who wants to spend hard earned money on tires?  There are so many other, more fun things to spend money on… like baby stuff! 🙂


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