Why Does it Feel Like Monday?

All day today I have thought it was Monday.  Not that this is a bad thing.  When you don’t work during the week, the days just run together.  I keep thinking it’s Monday, though.  The fact that it’s Tuesday does frighten me a bit.  Next Thursday our meetings at work begin, and two weeks from today our students start!  Yikes!  I am not ready!

Today I did run by Target after getting my hair cut (at a beauty school for $7.00 +$2.00 tip– not too shabby!).  I needed to get some padded envelopes for all my eBay sales.  I also stopped at the dollar spot and picked up some goodies for back-to-school goodie bags.  Each child will get a little bag with two pencils, a small star eraser, a big Dr. Seuss eraser, a Dr. Seuss silly band, and a couple pieces of candy.  I already had the little baggies, ribbon to tie the bags shut, and candy for the bags.  I made 20 bags tonight, but have a feeling I will need about 24 total.  If I make all 24, then the total cost of the bags are $13.00.  That means only $0.54 per baggie.  I think that’s a pretty good deal for goodie bags.

My eBay auctions ended today, and we ended up getting $187.83 total!  I was aiming at $50, and about 20 minutes before the first sale ended I didn’t think we would break $150.  I have to say I am pretty happy with how these sales have gone the past two months.  We will have to pay $18.80 in fees to eBay, so we will end up with just under $170 profit.  When figuring shipping, I do make sure that it will cover not only my shipping costs from the post office, but also the packing items.  I spent about $30 for padded envelopes today, but I may be able to return some of them if I don’t use them all.  That cost should be covered by the shipping costs that I charged.

I am also happy to report that I was under budget at the grocery store this week!  This RARELY happens.  I try so hard, but somehow it just never works.  I budgeted $90 this week for groceries… I spent a little over $18 earlier this week on refills of items (like milk and stuff for Hubs’ lunches).  Today I spent a little over $63 for our weekly haul.  That adds up to only $81!  I even have a little bit left over if I need another refill of anything!  I love being under budget!  (Don’t worry, I am not under budget with everything this month… I wouldn’t be that lucky.)

My mom and I are heading up to school tomorrow to work on my classroom some more.  I will bring back some updated photos so you can see before and after pics.  I hope to get quite a bit done tomorrow, so I am not completely overwhelmed with everything that needs to get accomplished in the next two weeks.  Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Why Does it Feel Like Monday?

  1. What a great surprise for you students to recive a goodie bag the first day of school!! Congrats on keeping the groceries under budget, not easy to do with the prices continuing to climb. Looking forward to seeing your classroom all dolled up for the little ones

  2. the goody bags are such a cute idea! The kiddos will love them!

    Awesome on keeping under budget with groceries & also on your ebay sales! I need to get back to selling on ebay – I haven’t in a long time & I really should, I have been just giving stuff away when I probably should try to sell that stuff….

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