It Has Begun

How has it been 5 days since I blogged last?  It was always on my to-do list, but always got pushed to the side.  The past two days have been full of meetings at school and getting ready for the school year to officially begin.  My school to-do list is about a mile and a half long.  I have been bringing things home to work on, working on things at school, going in a little early before meetings to work on stuff, and it still is never done.  I guess I should get used to it.

This year I have 22 little first graders and will get to meet some of them on Monday at “Meet the Teacher” night.  I love that our school has started this.  I did it last year, and it made the beginning of the year go so much smoother!  A lot of students brought in supplies early, so I was able to deal with those before the rush of the first day.  I also got to put faces with names.  I have been labeling everything with names, so I know what their names are, I just don’t know their faces yet!  Last year when I did a “Meet the Teacher” afternoon on my own, I think almost half of my kiddos showed up!  Now that it is something that is school-wide, I hope I get to meet even more of my students before we begin our year together!

Later today or tomorrow I am going to write up a list of personal goals for myself for this school year.  I have already started with my main goal:  Be More Positive!  I know that I am not teaching my ideal grade level and will probably have some struggles in my room (like every year), but I need to remain positive.  During a meeting yesterday, the speaker who was there said that we expect our kids to bring their best to school each day, and we need to do the same.  I need to make sure that I am bringing my best to the table every day in order to make first grade a spectacular time for my little firsties.  I have already caught myself complaining and getting upset about some politics and whatnot at school, and I can’t let that bring me down.

Monday will be our last day to work in our classroom before our kids come for good.  I *promise* to get pictures.  My camera seems to have found a comfy spot by the couch and never comes with me when I go to school.  But I will make sure to get some classroom pictures up soon!

Next week is going to be hectic!  Here is a glimpse at what I am working with:

Monday:  Work day 11:30-7:00 (It is adjusted to take into account the Meet the Teacher night)
Tuesday: 1/2 Day with students, 1/2 Day meetings, Hubs’ birthday!!
Wednesday- 1/2 Day with students, 1/2 Day meetings, Dr. Appointment (glucose test)
Thursday- Full day with students, Parents Only Night 6:00-7:30
Friday- Full day with students, Swim day at school 12:30-2:30, Kid’s consignment sale after school

Busy, busy!  Just a few notes:

  • I am not looking forward to my doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.  I have to do the glucose testing to determine if I have gestational diabetes, and I have pretty much given up any chance that I don’t.
  • On days that we have things after school, like on Thursday, I end up staying at school all day.  My commute is about 25 minutes one way, so if I were to leave school at 3:40, get home at 4:05, I would just have to turn around and leave home at 5:30 to get back to school by 6:00.  It’s not worth it, so I will be at school for 12 hours that day.
  • On Friday, we are taking the first grade swimming.  I really hope that it is not triple-digits like it has been most of the summer.  Right now the forecast is 85 F, so let’s hope that actually happens.  I may not end up being a super grumpy, 6 month pregnant woman by the end of the day if the temps stay in the 80s.
  • Friday’s consignment sale has nothing to do with school, but is something I signed up for (to shop at, not sell at).  I went to one last spring that was hosted by the same group, and got some good deals.  I ended up with some onsies and maternity clothes.  Hopefully this one will be successful also.

That’s about it for now.  Hopefully I will get into more of a routine as the school year progresses and I will be able to blog more regularly.  How have things been going around your area?


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