Short Update

So, I heard back from the doctor today… My blood sugar was high.  I was at 152 and the cut off is 135.  She said it wasn’t super high, but it sure sounds high to me.  My hemoglobin was slightly low… 11.6 when it should be between 12 and 16.  I have had iron problems in the past, so this is not a surprise.  I will start an over the counter iron supplement soon.

I have the long 3 hour glucose test next Tuesday, so wish me luck!

Here are two ways to know that school is back in session:

  1. I called my classroom “home” today.  It does become my second home, and considering I was there for 12 hours straight, this does not come as a total surprise.
  2. My Google Reader currently stands at 223 unread blog posts.  I have not sat down to read more than about 2 or 3 at a time since Monday evening.  I have a lot of reading to do this weekend.

It is almost 9:00 here, and I don’t have plans made out for tomorrow.  I should probably get to work on that so I can get to bed soon!  I will be back this weekend, I hope.  (And I hope to stop by some blogs and leave some comments… I promise I haven’t forgotten about you all!)


2 thoughts on “Short Update

    • Thanks for the good luck wishes! This baby is definitely a stinker! It likes to keep me up at night already, and if it causes me to lose being able to eat chocolate, I am going to be quite grumpy. 🙂

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